Facebook's new search features make it easier to find what you need, for once..

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Facebook's new search features make it easier to find what you need, for once..

Today on searching for communities to post to on Facebook, I see that they've rolled out new search features that make finding the right business, place, company, institutions, organisation, brand or product, artist, band or public figure, entertainment or cause or community, much easier with their new category search features letting you filter out and zero in one what it is you're looking for.

Where as before, you could only really search either Top Posts, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps & Events. If you wanted to find communities to post to that accept posts made to their page, you have to search for "Pages" and then try to find community pages that you could like and post to.

Now though, when you click on the "Pages" link for example, after performing a search, you can now sort the search results by either any category or Local Business or Place, Company, Organisation or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community.

Now this makes it much easier to find those community pages in which you can like/follow and post to. For example, if I search on Facebook for "SEO services". I can now filter by Cause or Community to be shown only community pages I can post to. Not all of them let you post to them and some approve comments/posts first.


Now this is so, so much better than before! Why Facebook have taken this long to add these search filter options I don't know! LinkedIn had it licked a long time ago with their advanced search form which lets you drill down to find exactly what you're looking for from everything else that you don't want to see.

And I think that Facebook could learn from their advanced search features as well. Because LinkedIn actually let you find results based on location and country and that's what I'd like to see in the Facebook search features so I could find those businesses that are near to me without searching something like "SEO service London" or something.

Anyway, still though, these new search features make using Facebook and finding something on it much easier to do. Letting you sort the chaff from the wheat, saving time and helping you to get more done, or found, much quicker!

What do you think of Facebook's new search features?

Are you finding them more useful than before?

Just wanted to share! Facebook



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I'm a huge fan of facebook marketing and being able to find the right pages will increase my efforts a lot since I don't have to cycle through a lot of crap lol.

Another thing I like is that you can like right from the search results. That was a feature prior to this update, but I'm still a fan of it Facebook I can just like away and go through the pages and post what I want, if it's allowed of course.

I haven't checked out this update just yet, so I'm taking your word on it Facebook Do you know if you can arrange the results based on how big the pages are? Basically I'd be looking for pages with a lot of likes and conversations in order to increase my chances of pulling some traffic to my own website and making a few sales Facebook

Thanks for the info, Mike Facebook

- Razzy

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No problem! I figured it might be of some intrerest to someone. And actually there is a way to do that yes by adding "&topfeature" or something like to the end of the URL and it will show you the biggest pages or groups or whatever you're seaarching for. I can't remember the exact URL now (I'm on my fone atm). But if you hover over the pages link in the menu it shows you. However it doesn't appear to work when used in conjunction with these search features as I tried it myself and it was still showing the same results and not the biggest pages first which is a shame. But still, much easier to zero in on what it is you're looking for though. Facebook

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I love the new search features because its breaks everything down to you in the most simple terms.. Like this girl I looked up who i haven't seen in a long time and she had a popular name, so I figured I had to get through a list before I saw her but because my location was on the search engine already determined the person who I was looking for and there she was the first person to show up. Great work A+..

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I find the new features appealing because I sometimes search for something in Facebook but I don’t know how. In fact, a few weeks back, I was looking for my group membership but I only saw 2 groups. Oh well, talk of ignorance, maybe I’m not being too active that’s why. Anyway, this improved search function may lead to another angle like doing a search outside of Facebook? That will be the day.

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