Success stories "Thank You SeoClerks and Sellers"

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Success stories "Thank You SeoClerks and Sellers"

I want to shout out a few members who as helped me I may miss someone out if I have forgive me please....
These members have really helped me so far not just for been great sellers but also for the information they give on a daily basis.

  • IdealMike Helped with Articles and very great as well TOP bloke for the job he knows is stuff thumbs up . Highly recommend.
  • Shortie861 Helped with forums and commenting on blogs as helped a lot as well. Highly recommend
  • relent Helped a lot increasing my YouTube Views I think I have used this one the most since I ever joined .
These are the main 3 I use a lot will use a more and more soon. So thank you I just thought I should have mentioned these members as there hard workers . And as I saw a post of mikes talking about we take success for granted it made me think more of us should be thanking members on here and doing success stories as if it wasn't for members like these then we would be struggling either with seo or websites or even are youtube videos and channels. So big shout out and BIG thanks again.


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Hey Kev thanks for the mention bro! I had no idea my do you take your success for granted post would have such an affect! And tbh, that was one of the reasons I posted it. Not so that people should thank those that have helped them, but so that it would just make people question their own success and whether or not they complacently take it for granted as though it was just meant to be or something. From the few responses in that post so far, I would say that, yes, people do take their success for granted. They just assume that they're having that success from what they've done and that's true. But that's also just wrong IMHO. You should never take anything for granted, ever! Whether it's the air you breath, the sun that lights your day or the money you earn online. The people, friends or family around you. Those you speak to in real life and on here and anywhere else online.

Because what goes around comes around my friend. And for a lot of successful people, both on here and in other places in life, that's not something they learn until it does come back around again.

Anyway, never mind! Life goes on and all that. As for me, I'll never take it for granted and always be grateful for it. Both to God and the people that actually helped me to get to this position in the first place. Success stories "Thank You SeoClerks and Sellers"

Cheers and you're welcome! lol Success stories "Thank You SeoClerks and Sellers"

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That is fantastic! You are blessed to have people to encourage you and want to see you succeed.


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I am sure there are more than 3 members that helped you here but I think is very nice from you to make a post about this. Congratulation for your success is not easy to achieve this and help from others is felt and appreciate it!

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I love going through the different threads so as to read the comments and also give my views. To be honest I have learnt so much from SEOclerks. I visit this site at least once per day. I am glad to hear that the members helped you to achieve your goals. Congratulations.

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Well done Buddy,it always good to appreciate either openly or behind close doors people that have really helped one on life's journey especially when its entails making money. Thanks to everyone who helped out it was good of you guys.Keep doing more.

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Congratulations to you. Keep on working and for sure more success ahead wil come to you.

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