What are page titles why you should use them properly.

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What are page titles why you should use them properly.

Titles are a factor when it comes to rankings within the search engines. The titles will help the engines understand what your page is about. Title tags are mainly used for search engine results pages in Google, Yahoo! and Bing as well as web browsers and shares on social networks. Below I will go over how title tags are used for each.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
When you're typing up your title tag you will want to have your keywords in it to let the search engines know what you're all about. This is also a factor when rankings for specific keywords, but not the only factor. Having a nicely written title doesn't necessarily mean it will be used for your search engine listings, but it's a good start. When writing your titles, you need to focus on how people will read them and if they will want to click through since that's the main objective.

Web browsers
When you have a bunch of tabs open in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. you will notice that the title of the page shows up in the tab. If you're optimizing your titles correctly then it will show a keyword within the tab on your browser and people can use that in order to remember exactly where your page is if they have a lot of tabs opened at the same time. Some people like adding their domain name at the beginning for their titles for this reason, but I still stick to having a keyword at the beginning.

Social Shares
Have you ever noticed that when you, or some random person, shares your website it will pull the title of that page and add it to what is displayed? When you want to add titles you need to remember that people will read them and not just the search engines. You will need to have the written in a way to encourage people to click on them since social sharing is huge in todays world and you could be making a killing through facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms. If your titles are not writte well, or not at all, and you share a specific page or homepage of your website it will show what it wants. I've actually seen some shares post random snippets from the footer of a websites homepage because they did not write up the proper titles. It's an easy thing to do, so do it right the first time and not worry later on.

Just remember that each social network will have a different amount of characters that it will display within a shared link. Get your point across as quick as possible in the fewest amount of characters so that your titles don't get cut off when shared. You should have the normal length titles, but be sure to get the point across quickly What are page titles why you should use them properly.

In Conclusion:
It's not difficult to add proper titles to your home page and sub pages so you should take your time writing up easy to read and informative titles. Even if you're taking 5 minutes per title it will be worth it since you might only have to ever do it once. Think of it as a set and forget type of thing, do it right and you'll be good to go for a long time What are page titles why you should use them properly.

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Titles and tags are so important! I can not stress this enough! In this day and age, there is so much content out there that people only take a glance at the titles to figure out if they want to check the all thing or not. If you don't have an engaging title your less likely to attract costumers. Plus, getting the right title and tags makes your targeted consumer more likely to find your content.

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We should be very careful when adding titles to our web pages. The title should be informative and attractive enough to be read by visitors. It does not take much time of us to write a good title but it has a positive effect forever. The title is the most important part of the content as it appears in the search engine results are it is the most considerable thing in it.

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Easy to read and informative title for your pages. That’s a good advice because I have been encountering web pages with not so good titles. I will not elaborate on that. What I mean is some titles I see are like cryptograms huh. Particularly for a blog that usually have the blog title as the title of the page, I guess it’s not much of an issue. But for some websites that is not a blog, I’m sure the page titles would matter especially when the reader is trying to retrieve a page that he had read and wanted to read again.

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