A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick.

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A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick.

Recently I've gotten more into eCommerce and I've been trying to figure out how I can build my lists much larger without investing a lot of extra time into what I'm already doing. I wanted to build my list with the traffic and sales that I've already been getting and to do this I had to get a little tricky. I'm here to show you a way to help increase the chances of getting someone to subscribe to your email list A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick.

Well let's get started!

Trick #1: Drop Down Newsletters
This is a pretty standard way to get people to sign up to your newsletter since a ton of people use them. There are plenty of scripts and plugins out there that are cheap or free and you just have to add in your images and text along with your email settings in order to capture the persons email. About 5 years ago people would have seen this as a spammy type of website if it used the drop down email capture form, but today it's pretty common to use so don't worry about using one lol.

Trick #2: Discounts
Offering people a percentage discount just for signing up is also pretty common because you're making less money just for them to sign up to your newsletter. A lot of people will sign up for this because everyone likes discounts lol. The beauty of this is that you will sometimes get people to sign up if they were on the fence when it came to making a purchase. They may have thought something was just out of their price range, but if you gave them a 10% or 25% discount just for registering they would likely think again about making a purchase. So not only does this trick increase your email list but it will increase your sales A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick.

Trick #3: Lotteries
By doing this type of trick you can get people to sign up in hopes of winning something off of your website. You can say something like "Every Friday we will give away something worth $100 to someone who is subscribed to our newsletters!" and you'll get a good amount of sign ups by doing this. Now they only downside of this is that you will not get everyone to sign up to your newsletter because they will see the word Lottery and think "Well, I don't gamble so I'm not signing up". On the other hand you'll get people thinking "Well, I don't have to pay anything for a chance to win this item each week? I'm In!" I would definitely test out this trick but if it's not working for your user base then I would switch to another way of collecting a lot of emails.

Trick #4: Giveaways
This is my personal favorite method of gaining sign ups. If you're running an SEO service then you can give away free backlinks pretty easily. If you pay $100 for software like scrapebox then you can give away thousands of free backlinks to people just for signing up. I've done this in the past and got close to 6,000 emails in 3 months lol. If you're not in the SEO field then you will want to give away something that is very cheap for you. A good example of this is on a jewelry website that I have up and running that gives away free pieces of jewelry with every unique email address entered along with a name and address. I have it set up to only allow people to submit 1 time per IP address just so that I don't have someone submitting 10 times to get 10 free items. I'm sure that there are some people out there that are tech savvy and know how to change their IP, but in the jewelry industry I don't see too many trying to trick me lol.

Now you're saying "I don't want to pay $3 to $5 per piece just to get a sign up!" well you don't have to A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick. You can source your products for pretty cheap and only offer the items that are less than $0.20 as the free items for a sign up. This means you'll always be paying $0.20 or less per email address added to your list.

Tip: If you set up a mailchimp account, or something similar, you can have everything automated in the email marketing department. You can schedule your emails for as long as you'd like and constantly keep people coming back. I would do this prior to collecting emails because it's going to increase your profits a good amount A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick.

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Very nice Raz! I love the giveaway method too since everyone loves a freebie! A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick. Of course though, if you're going to be giving something away for free, you should be prepared to handle them all and have enough to be able to. Although you could always find something else but if it's something specific like some freelance, SEO work or something, then that can be done quite easily and you could use ScrapeBox or another tool or service to do that for you. And one of the things I used to do was offer free scrapes in scrapebox to find people blogs to comment on that were all sorted by PR, PA, DA etc etc. I'd give that away for free but also have similar services for sale as well. Just so they could try me out and that used to work too because once you have them in your hand like that, once the ice is broken, it's usually much easier to go on and make a sale from them. Especially if you're only giving them a teaser freebie. Those teaser freebies are great if they hold them valuable as they only get so much in them and it leaves them wanting more saying shut up and take my money. For some people anyway lol A little tip on how to build an email list pretty quick.

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PLR and give away to targeted people it works well

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Thank you, this is very helpful and I'm for sure going to do this quickly build up an email list!

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I am wondering how some of the lottery and discount may work out on some niche. As some niche are worldwide and there seems to be a case where people have to learn how to do things from the local perspective. And spam act may stop us from using the keyword of lottery and discount. I have seen the google filtering such mails and putting them in trash. So possible that it may get filtered.

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This reminds me of the time when the social media is not yet very popular. What a friend does is to collect email addresses. That was the time that emailing was the primary communications and items were forwarded without deleting the footprints, i.e. the previous email addresses. He had collected thousands that he used in promoting a website. He was paid for the effort. Unfortunately, when the social media became the standard, emailing seemed to be obsolete.

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There was a time when I used to send emails, however, I stopped my email marketing campaign when I found that very few people actually checked my emails or clicked the links in the newsletter. My email list had 200 emails and the conversion rate was just around 5 percent. I have subscribe option enabled on my blogs and websites, however, I do not get enough subscribers. I get traffic but the visitors are not subscribing.

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