what buyers want ????

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what buyers want ????

When we go to a market to get certain things we tend to browse the market and buy from the seller that offers the lower price than other sellers or offer perks. Same with me, when I tend to buy something expensive, like gadgets, I will go around the entire market and compare in terms of price, quality and after sale services, etc., and buy from the seller that offer the price lower than other sellers for the same product. I guess that’s human nature, with limited income (resources), people must make choices to satisfy their wants.

Similarly, in this marketplace, buyers tend to look for the service they desire at the lowest price possible or considering other factors. I receive a lot of messages from different buyers, regarding the services that I offer also because in all my services I have mentioned: “DM for more inquiry”. When a buyer messages me, as a marketer, I love to communicate and convinces the buyers to make a better decision by clearing their doubts. Some buyers if they’re still not satisfied they won’t carry the communication forwards, in other words, they won’t reply anymore and I also won’t be expecting an order so the story ends here for both of us.

Just Yesterday a buyer contact me regarding my YouTubeservice. The buyer wanted 1000+ YouTube likes in 24 hours.

I replied by saying “1000 likes are impossible to providewithin 24 hrs unless a seller is using a bot. I can also provide you with 1000
likes, but in natural process and it would take up to 3 days or 4 days, maximum 5 days. I am providing 1000 likes for 10$, but since you've messaged me for inquiries, I will do in $9 just for you”.

The buyer was convinced I think because the buyer asked me the link to purchase. After that until now I am waiting for the order, I have also asked if he or she is having difficulties to proceed with the order but as usual NO REPLY.

What do you guys think? Is it some sort of scam? Or the buyer is just looking around or what? I have seen his or her profile, that buyer was active today also.



I have found that it is always worth answering buyer’s inquiries and, even if they don’t come back and order a service immediately, they often do come back again later.

Your buyer may just be looking around or has gone away to think about it. Personally, I wouldn’t send the buyer any more messages or you might just irritate a potential buyer.

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Its always irritating with queries of fast deliveries on less price , the main issue is with newbie sellers who offer any rates and not sure they can complete the order or not which confuse buyer that is he paying the right price or not

It happen to me regularly so I stop entertain buyers and offer them limited with no cut off of prices . I do favor to regular buyers also offer them huge discounts ( if needed)

My advice on seoclerks never to friendly or familiar to any buyer be professional and if you are offering legit services of your own(not a re seller) then dont hesitate they will buy them at any cost

There are many examples with me

one year old buyer of mine left negative reviews on my services without any reason( later removed by admin) and still my client

another buyer still fight with me for single likes left for delivered also open tickets many for that, where if i deliver +500 likes extra he never appreciate work neither he leave recommendation ( still my daily client)

last but not least
A year back i Offer some twitter service to a buyer where i am offering him $0,50 per 100 Rt , he said why he will buy them where he getting 1k for $1 ( ignoring total point of HQ) , today he buy worth $1k Rt from me per month

So your offer/discounts can attract buyers but if you offer legit and HQ services i advice stick with the prices and dont offer to much discounts on them

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I am not a seller but I bought more services from Seoclerk, in my point of view, the quality of services that providing to buyers are very important for me, deliver on time and good support after purchased will make me back with sellers.

I don't care more about discounts, I only care about what I paid for services and what they will provide me as purchased.

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Lot of buyers are unreasonable. They don't understand the stuff that goes behind the work. So they only speculate and want results quickly. And this is how many people have manipulated many platforms. And it becomes harder to gain the earning due to this process. Always avoid buyers who are desperate and want quick results. Because in reality you can't really fix things that way. I have struggled to find out how that works. They only care about end result. So never make big promises in the gig description. That's the way you can get things done properly.

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Well,I think most buyers or so they claim are just looking round for cheaper service,they come to you,not necessarily because they want to buy immediately but to know how the services work.

It's the same offline,you get to inquire from two to three shops before buying.You move around to see if you get that same thing for a lesser price or a better color than what you saw earlier.

All what you need is patience they'll come around when they're ready.

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