Humble mom learns Internet Marketing - Becomes Fortune500 Company

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Humble mom learns Internet Marketing - Becomes Fortune500 Company

Humble mom learns Internet Marketing - Becomes Fortune500 Company
Today on searching through Google News about Internet Marketing, I found and stumbled on an old article called "Mom Learns Internet Marketing". And it was only a fairly short article but it more than said enough about learning Internet Marketing and then doing something with what you've learned about it. For this was an article on what it takes to be an Internet Marketer today and a successful one at that. So I just thought it was quite poignant coming from some humble mom that wanted to learn how to provide for her and her family from doing Internet Marketing.

This was by a woman who searched and scoured the Internet for about a year and come across 1000's of sites that promise to make you rich or lots of money in a few days. You know the types, the those get rich quick sites that are owned by the ruthless to prey on the naive. And a woman that also read a lot of books which although helpful, still left her with a lot questions on how to actually get started for the first time. And what should one looking to get into Internet Marketing even look for when it comes to learning it?

And since there are quite a lot of mom's out there that have heard and know that Internet Marketing can be potentially life changing for you and your family, and because it's something anyone can get into and use to their advantage for these reasons, here's a basic overview of some things to consider in your new venture and career.

Find a Good IM Training Program or Course
An Internet Marketing training program is something that should be run and maintained by professional, experienced and successful Internet Marketers before you. It should put you first and not just get you to buy into it, buy their eBook and then dangle more carrots in front of you. It should truly care for you, nurture, coach, train and mentor you all the way through the course. They should be there to answer all of your questions all the way too. Since most people are learning IM for the first time and wont have the first idea about anything so one that does teach you about everything involved with doing IM is a good IM training program.

Hang Out with the Pros
Of course, another great way to learn Internet Marketing is to visit those sites, forums, blogs and communities etc that they use to talk to other expert IM's of the world today. That can mean by IM forums and social media channels, pages and groups etc to the SEOClerks Community FAQ right here as well! Humble mom learns Internet Marketing - Becomes Fortune500 Company Just a frequent visit to see what's new from the expert articles that are posted to it by people can be great for learning a lot about Internet Marketing tips and tricks etc!

Take The Time to Learn Everything
Internet marketing is a full time business and you should expect to devote at least a few hours a day to it at first when you are starting off. And that time should and will likely mostly be spent learning about IM and the things you can do and why. And once again, a good IM training program will tell you about virtually everything to do with doing IM and being successful with it.

Do What You've Learned
There's learning and then there's doing. You do the doing after you've learned how to do. This is an exciting part of Internet Marketing as you never know whether your website or business will be successful or not but you know you're going to learn as you go and have some fun maybe on the way. And once you've learned the how, you can do the do. You don't have to learn EVERYTHING right away as you can learn as you go about all things involved from writing articles to building links and traffic to your site and promoting your business in other ways etc.

Working Hard
A lot of people give up when it starts to get hard. That can be when it's involving more work than you anticipated and more time than you thought and you're not going anywhere fast. But those that were successful with their new websites/businesses, never gave up when it got hard. They were successful because they kept going. They worked hard, put in the time by applying what they learned and believing in it and their self.


Just from these we've learned that when it comes to Internet Marketing and being successful with it somehow today, you don't have to be a Harvard educated sophomore! All you need is an intention, a passion, some time learning and then the time doing, along with some hard work. And you can make Internet Marketing work for you too!

Are you a mom trying to learn IM and SEO?

Power to all them mom's out there that are!

The single ones especially. Humble mom learns Internet Marketing - Becomes Fortune500 Company



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Thank you for sharing, Mike!

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You're welcome thank you for reading and for commenting! Humble mom learns Internet Marketing - Becomes Fortune500 Company

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Patience and perseverance are also essential factors one should possess before venturing into internet marketing, if not you become frustrated pretty quickly.

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Thank you for this great post. The key to succeed online is go through as many tutorials as possible and to carry out deep research. I personally know someone who has been super successful online and he earns a very decent amount. Earning online is not easy. It requires hard work and dedication.

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I have noticed that in all the success stories that I have read, one item was always present. And that is to work hard. The founder of our bank, it is the biggest in the country, said in one of his speeches that if he didn’t work hard, his business empire will not be a reality because he started as a shoe vendor that later on he was able to rent a small store. And now he owns the biggest malls, the biggest bank, and biggest real estate businesses.

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Those are great points. Earning money online isn't a walk in the park, you really need to do your research and your right, this can take a year or two. There's a lot of false information online and if you would take to process alot of it, this would become your advantage and you can do things to help other people. Information is power, learn how to monetize it.

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Are you a mom trying to learn IM and SEO? Yes. But my kids are all grown now. One of my daughters and one of my granddaughters are single moms, and my other daughters and granddaughters might be moms one day. I am hoping that what I learn I can teach them.

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