Twitter seems to be recovering!

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Twitter seems to be recovering!

There have been a lot of talk about the downfall of Twitter last year. A lot of speculation about what was about to happen with Twitter this year since in 2016 it stagnated and lost some investors.

I personally thought Twitter will finally be bought by Google this year but so far I don't see any signs of that happening.
But overall Twitter seems to be doing fine, it's monthly active users are up and overall the growth rate is substantial, this means the investors are pleased, at least for now.

Here are some numbers to make everything clear:
Twitter seems to be recovering!

And another one:
Twitter seems to be recovering!

What do you think about the recent positive reports Twitter got? The company also seems to focus more or creating revenue from Ads and even though I personally never paid for Ads on Twitter I may try it this year just to see how good the ROI would be.


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Thanks for the information about the Twitter Recovering up based.
hope we get more business and more services in Twitter soon on SeoClerks.

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Oh nice! I am starting to use Twitter more and more now. I'm trying to be active on it every day and hope to use it as a tool to find clients with and bring people into SEOClerks with it! Twitter has always been a bit of an enigma for me and although I've created hundreds of business accounts for it for some of my sites/projects over the years, I've never really got into full scale like I'm trying to do now as more of a personal/business user rather than just as a business user. And I think that might have been part of the problem. So I'm treating it much more like a personal account this time and going all out on it so it's nice that more people are returning to it and using it as that can only mean more success for me all round! Twitter seems to be recovering!

And I've not tried Twitter ads either yet but have pondered it and looked into a couple times but not actually done it yet. It would be nice to hear how that went with you if that's something you do take up and have a crack at!

Let us know how it goes with your findings and ROI reports. Twitter seems to be recovering!


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This is amazing news! I feel after a while many people were turning away from Twitter and moving back to Facebook with the changes they made to their advertising however it seems like Twitter has answered back and they are focusing more on the advertising side and giving more back which is what may have helped them recover. I don't tend to use Twitter as much as many people however it is something I would like to get into more often. I can't say I have ever tried their ads either however I would be curious to try their ads and see just how well they would do.

It's great to see Twitter pulling back!

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I never thought of twitter to be a platform as where it was losing in traffic and as well as popularity.

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I haven't known about this issue with Twitter. I am glad they started to recover since I have started to use it at maximum since a few months ago. I did get traffic from Twitter so, I think is running just fine now!

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I never knew that Twitter suffered a slack in the number of users. From what I know, Twitter is doing good behind Facebook with about 500 million users while Facebook has 2 billion. And since Donald Trump is into Twitter then maybe the users will be more because of Trump’s follower. That’s just my rough estimate and maybe you can consider it as just a guess.

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