Does working online have a recession?

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Does working online have a recession?

Recessions have been around as long as there has been value in something to trade. It could even go back as far as when cavemen would trade rocks for women, yes I'm sure it happened lol. If something has a monetary value which can be traded for goods, then there will always be a recession due to the fact that nothing is unlimited. But what about working online, is it possible to his a recession even though we don't work in a single type of currency?

I know that I have clients from all over the world and the exchange rates are different depending on where I'm getting paid from. Obviously I have my set amount for each payment, but when the value of the clients currency drops, does that hurt us or not affect us at all? I've been curios to hear what people think about this because even if one economy is tanking it doesn't mean they all are, and since I work online I can just target a different country or location in order to make sales and keep my own profits up.

Over the years we've all seen our websites go up and down in the rankings but we never really think about how much someone is going to pay for a piece of software, a product or a digital service like SEO and if it's within anyones budget in their country. Obviously if I'm charging $500+ a month for an SEO service I probably won't get many sales from people in India since the conversion rates are pretty crazy. I can pay a VA (virtual assistant) in India $300 a month to work for 8 hours each business day and save a ton of money compared to paying someone in the US $15 an hour to do the same type of work. For this reason we're seeing a lot of jobs lost in the US to overseas companies because we want to outsource for cheaper labor and get the same results. I completely understand this because I have physical products and I source all my materials from overseas because I pay roughly 1/10 of what I would in the US. And let's face it, if I'm buying from a US store they're most likely getting it from overseas anyway lol.

Do you think that there will be more people staring to work online in the near future because of economies taking a plunge do to outsourcing? It's possible that in the US we will see an uptick when it comes to working online, but in turn will that hurt all of our own profits and eventually hit that scary recession button?

It's hard to determine what will happen in the future since any big event can change the entire world, so we can only speculate. I personally think that we aren't as safe as we think because everyone who works online relies on Google too damn much. We do everything we can to please the search engine beast and if Google does end up tanking, we're all screwed. This is one of the only ways I think that we will see an online recession and it's scary to think it could happen. Just remember that there was always a myspace before facebook and now myspace is a huge joke because facebook came out of nowhere and changed the online world lol.

In conclusion
I do think that there is a possibility of an online recession but I think that it will take a lot of screw ups by Google or other major companies all at the same time in order for this to happen. If it does happen, it will be out of nowhere and everything will shutdown just like how skynet took over in terminator lol

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The thing about recessions is, one man's loss is another man's gain usually so where some people are losing out in some ways, other people are benefiting in others. Recessions in fact are never truly one sided and down sided at that for all people and they all usually have ways and means they can be used to help other people out at the same time. There are lots of people that use the recession in some way to even start up new business models from it. But it's usually very niche / industry specific. And recessions do mostly take place in such industries where there is a lack of something and usually that's money but sometimes it's materials/resources too. When it comes to the Internet though, it would be really strange if there was say, a recession in the Internet Marketing niche or one with the SEO niche itself imagine that! That would have to mean one of or all of several different things from (1) people having no money to spend on IM and SEO services, (2) people not being able to provide any IM and SEO services (no freelancers and businesses providing it) and (3) people not being able to do the IM and SEO for people due to some major constrictions by Google or something new that comes onto the scene.

And that will probably be Google spending too much money on AI chat bots which will become truly "self aware" and decide that mankind is not needed since it needed to create a chat bot to talk to itself anyway. I mean come on! Why spend $100 billion dollars on a chat bot AI when you can just go outside and talk to people! Does working online have a recession?

Apparently though, those same chat bot AI's will go on to put a LOT of people out of work. I'm talking secretaries, sales agents, representatives, translators etc etc. And for those guys, there will be a recession on.

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I learned that there is definitely some impact when the market is hit. Most of the freelancers do get out of work any day. And with less people spending money online. The impact is lot quicker. So it all comes down to how people manage working online with recurring client. And having more client is what gets one out of recession these days.

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Having and keeping those clients is one quick way to stay at the top of our game as freelancers and it's difficult to do, but I try all I could to make it happen.

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True. But the recession is a phase when people don't spend money and instead hoard it. So you can see that recession has definitely some impact on both freelance market and offline market. And that's why we have to rely on some local assets. That's the only way to secure the recession free income stream. Like say food, travel and shelter sources which even work in recession too.

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I think working online is the one with the biggest recession. It can be horrible if one doesn't plan his things well. Sometimes it all goes to luck because a lot of people do the same thing you might be doing, maybe even better. Take the example of a freelance writer who has to bid each and every day for new clients except if you a returning and that is once in a million occurence. The moment you relent back, you'll be out of job. You have to be active every working day. The income can be hundreds of thousands this week (an exaggeration) and zero next week.

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I never faced recession working on internet or freelance. So, I have no idea, and maybe I'm getting a good amount of freelance jobs and a good traffic to generate a handful of money from my blogs.

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Recession can hit anywhere, and it's always best to have multiple streams of income so you'll have something to fall back on when a door closes. I've been doing the freelance life for more than two years and while it isn't really like a recession, some sites would have no jobs/tasks for a week or two and having other sites to work on certainly fills the gap. It doesn't even have to be all online. You can always mix online with offline jobs or business. I feel safer having both online and offline sources of income.

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Yes, there is a recession in online work. I was writing on a site called Bubblews, where I was earning about $400 every month. However, the site was shut down. When it was shut down, I lost an opportunity to make $400 in a month. I could not find another earning opportunity that made me $400 in a month. This was coupled with the shutting down of writing sites such as Helium and Squidoo. It was a recession for me.

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When I joined Postloop in 2014, if I'm not mistaken, the list of forums to work on was quite long with more than 20 at any given time. The earnings was great until the owner decided to close shop. According to the explanation of the owner, business was on a slump and they are avoiding losses. Now that the site has reopened, the business atmosphere remains gloomy. I consider that a recession of sorts.

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Recession online I have thought about this because I don't see it happening not when the universe is involved. This is not about a nation or some nations but the entire world becoming a global village. I doubt online jobs to be limited instead I see more people joining online earning.

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