Loosing Level with Service Its an Issue

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Loosing Level with Service Its an Issue

Hi friends,

As per Guidelines If we use word Facebook or Instagram OR ( if we do any business about Facebook or Instagram Related here on ) Then

You well Loose your level ( level 3 to direct level 1 deported ).

My Question is Why and What we do if so many buyers are having daily basis Facebook and Instagram or anyother Social Media related Requirements coming.

If this is illegal then Dear Admin or Moderators ( we required 1 wrong attention or wrong service Notice required )
So we do not loose our level and confident with the customers or buyers who are working with us.

We can change the details and then we re-start work on this ..

Please Admin or Moderators Give us 1 chance first to re-store the mistake and make it positive manner ..


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If it is correct that a user gets instantly demoted for trying to promote Facebook services,
then I would agree with Babbar86 that this would seem to be a bit harsh and

How would you know that Facebook services are banned in the first

Does SEOClerks at least warn a user that they are creating a potentially prohibited service
at the time it is being set up?

To do that, the system would only need to look for the word “Facebook” on services, in the same way that it currently
looks for the “email” in other areas on the site.

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First time mistake if anyone do, need a alert mail or message and update on login time

this is worng or illegal or else.. Then the user do not do that mistake.

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You cannot create a service if it has the word "facebook" in the title or description anywhere. That is why people try getting around by calling it "fb" (which is also blocked I think) and or things like "fcaebook" and other mispellings etc. And anyone that does call it something else, something similar or a misspelled version of it is trying to get around why that block is put in place in the first place.

There has actually been several posts to the FAQ here that were pinned for quite a long time telling people that you are not allowed to sell any facebook or instagram services (I think. I'm sure there was. I can't seem to find it right now!)

As for being instantly demoted, I'm not sure about that. I think if you are caught doing it too many times you can't really plead ignorance to it. But I do think that perhaps something more could be said about it on the add new service page to let people know in big red letters or something that no facebook or instagram services are allowed.

However, just like it's your responsibility to know the law in your land, it is your responsibility to know the terms and conditions of the site here too. And in the Listing Guidelines there is a term under the prohibited content of for listings that "should not contain copyrighted materials owned by others, without permission" which would be copyright/trademark names and logos.

So now you know. Loosing Level with Service Its an Issue


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But need to warm 1 time on 1st mistake
so person understand and get alert to demoted from level.

Instant demoted thats wrong. Need a alert and time to make things clear.
Now required, for all 1 warm message on doing this kind of wrong activity and also a Direct msg to all new member to donot create or ask to not get banned.

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