How to become and online marketing guru.

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How to become and online marketing guru.

Becoming an online marketing guru is fairly easy if you know what you're doing. Online marketing gurus are the people you see on various social media platforms talking about what they have achieved over the course of X amount of months and say that you can do the same thing if you follow in the footsteps of the guru who is speaking.

Well I'm here to tell you that it's all a bunch of bullsh*t. If you've read through a lot of my discussions here on SEOclerks you're sure to have seen at least a couple of my rants about "Gurus" and how I think they should burn in hell. But you're in luck, because that's not what I'm here to talk about, I'm actually going to give you a few steps that will teach you how to become one of these life sucking piles of crap (I mean that in the nicest of ways).

The beauty of becoming a guru is that you will have droves of people signing up for your systems even if they are one small step in how to do something. Think of on page optimization for example, you could have people sign up for a $55 class on how to learn step 1 of your 3 step system on how to optimize titles, descriptions, images, content, tags, etc. and they will pay for it. You would want to write down all your topics and they break them up evenly, or as close to even as possible, and sell the system in parts. You could just sell the system as a whole but you might get less sales, but that's up to you How to become and online marketing guru.

Now then, let's get started

Step 1: Be Pretty or Look Smart
Being pretty is something we all can't do unless you want to be a plastic barbie or ken and go under the knife to do so. If you're pretty, that's great, because you will have people looking at you as a sex symbol and they will subconsciously trust you for some dumb reason. They will literally get lost in your eyes and you can sell them anything.

If you can't be pretty, be smart, or look the part. Being at the top of your class may not be the easiest thing, but if you put on a sweater and a pair of glasses you can still be taken as intelligent and make some sales. In todays world you can be smart and still be sexy to a lot of people since brains are giving brawn a challenge in the modern sexy world. The only thing you'll really have to work on is how you speak. If you're saying "Yo Dawg, this system for ranking websites is lit!" then people are going to see a guy in glasses who is a complete moron. You have to know the lingo of what you're selling in order to sell it to the masses.

Step 2: Have Some Screenshots
Just telling people you've made a load of money isn't going to convince everyone. Sure you'll get some people on board but you won't get all of them. To catch the people on the fence you'll need some screenshots of your profits in order to reel them in like a trophy fish you've been hunting for years.

You can use actual screenshots of your own business if you're pulling in $100+ per day and you'll get a lot of sales that way. People will see the $100+ a day and want to sign up if you're system is being sold at $95, $195, $295, $395, or $495. I wouldn't go over $495 because anything over $500 is kind of ridiculous. People will actually pay you that much because they will see your own profits and think "Well, if he's making an extra $100 a day then it will only take me 1 to 5 days to make my money back!!!" which is complete garbage and if you even get one person to sign up, you're a guru lol.

If you don't have screenshots, you can fake them or pay someone to do it for you. People with decent photoshop skills can find an image online of a paypal screenshot and edit the numbers to show your fake sales each day. Tons of people pushing clickbank products will do this to show their affiliates profits. The only purpose for this is to pull in more clients.

If you're selling this system as a passive income stream then people will be more on board because they won't want to do much work to make a million dollars next year. It's sad but true, people want to be handed money and if you say the word "passive" they will jump on board. I have a couple passive income streams but they're not 100% passive. I actually have to work on them a little bit every month, but I consider them passive.

Step 3: PPC Targeting
When it comes to PPC you'll want to target households that are making a decent amount of money. And within those homes you'll want to try and target stay at home moms. If you're pretty or look good in a pair of glasses, you'll most likely catch the attention of the stay at home mom lol.

You can target specific areas when it comes to local PPC ads and if you know the area, you can make a killing. The town I live in has a population of over 150,000 households. It's a massive town and the medium income is around $75,000 for the most part. It's hot spot for stay at home moms and when their kids are in school I can target them in order to get a sign up How to become and online marketing guru. But I don't because I'm not a dirt bag...

Step 4: Video Posts
Getting your videos posted on youtube, vimeo, faccebook, etc. will help spread the word about your upcoming launch or system that is already making people money. If someone were to come in and read the reviews that you obviously wrote yourself, they may be inclined to sign up and see what it's all about.

By having video posts about you being a guru you are actually branding yourself as well as doing marketing and optimization at the same time. You can get links to your website from the videos and also sell to people through the video itself. It's a win win in any marketers book.

There have been a lot of times when I get pulled into a video post on facebook and I end up watching it all because I'm intrigued about the system they're pushing. In the end I realize that they are just pushing something I don't need because I can manage my own PPC campaigns or do my own marketing lol. But I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that need this kind of service and are willing to sign up at $200+ a month for someone to set up an adwords campaign and let it run for 6 months.

Step 5: Drip Feed
If you're going to be a Guru then you'll have to drip feed your content slow enough to keep people coming back for more and not filing chargebacks. I'm not sure how often you should be doing this since I'm not a guru and never will be, but I would assume that once piece of the puzzle every month would be enough to keep people intrigued.

In Conclusion
I'm not a huge fan of Gurus and how they prey on the weak minded, but their methods of generating sales is pretty solid. You can actually use their systems of pulling in clients for various websites and get people to sign up with you without selling your soul lol. Do the right thing and help people, and you're conscious will thank you in the future How to become and online marketing guru.

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Hey Raz you are the guru of all gurus man what you on about you're not a guru lol you are a guru's guru mate well at least you are in my eyes anyway! How to become and online marketing guru. But everything else you've said is very true and makes a lot of sense. And is quite eye opening actually. Which backs up and reinforces my argument that you are a guru. Well, you talk the guru talk but I get what you're saying by saying you're not because there are a lot of "self claimed gurus" out there that do prey on the weak minded and naive people as that's a term that can make people trust in you and it's quite easy to bedazzle some people with terms like these when you're hiding behind smoke and mirrors. It's like when people say they are an "SEO expert", but all they're really doing is using some push button software or simply mimicking and duplicating someone else's work plan! But that said, they do have some nifty ways of making sales. Mostly and largely though by tapping into the minds of the very people that fall for their clever play on power words like "guru", "expert" and "guaranteed". But at the end of the day as long as they're providing something of some value, even if it is overrated, and the while model itself can be copied and duplicated, and there's buyers out there of it it will always be a thing. How to become and online marketing guru.

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Lol I'm not a guru How to become and online marketing guru.

I do know a lot about websites and how to make money with them, but I don't teach people how to do it because I don't want the competition lmao.

You're right when you went over the "Experts" out there and all they're doing is pressing buttons on software but don't know how to make a damn hyperlink themselves lol How to become and online marketing guru.

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I think these days if someone claims to be a guru. I'd not believe them. The reason being many of such guru's are claiming stuff they are not. And that means things are nothing but more of an issue in that case. For that is the reason I would say being a marketing guru is something we should be very concerned about. Not all the people can make it easy for others to be a guru.

So if approach this from genuine context then I'd say that people should be focused on the delivering of quality. As that seems to be the way for the people to approach the money right way. And that seems to be the case with earning regular. Rest is just peoples game.

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I think having the pictures of one's success in the marketing business show is a great way to convince people about the profitability of the business for having to just say things you've achieved might get potential customers/clients having some kind of doubts about how possible it is to succeed in the business. Nice tips from you, boss.

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I will have to think about video posts. I have never done a video, however, I believe having a video builds trust. When I see a video of a person talking about his service, I tend to believe him more than a person who has produced an article about his portfolio and services. I do not have video making skills. I am also not a good speaker. I will have to work on these areas.

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I am only reading this discussion but I have no intention of being an online marketing guru. First reason is that I am not well versed in marketing. Second reason is that marketing is a difficult work and maybe I am not cut out for it. But I appreciate that contents of this post because of the information therein. I’m sure those interested will be well advised by this post.

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