Adding with Google Tag Manager?

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Adding with Google Tag Manager?

I just learned that apparently, you can add markups using Tag Manager!

Personally, I am a very limited programmer. I don't really know how to code, I understand and can write some basic HTML and CSS but that is about it.
But I am and SEO and microformats as well as schema. org markups are hugely important in 2017. I need to find a way of easily implementing this stuff into the websites I'm managing as an SEO.

This is where Google Tag Manager comes in. I use it every day to some degree, I'm not an expert but how hard could it be to add schema markups?

First of all, I've discovered this tool: - It's a schema markup generator just choose your website's domain and you are good to go. Complete all those fields and make sure you test them in google markup tester for any errors before you copy them to your clipboard.

You can then head over to GTM and create a new HTML tag, paste the schema markups from in there, save your tag, create a trigger for your page views, configure it and then just connect the page view trigger to the schema HTML tag.
Publusb everything and you are a good to go!

Have you tried using GTM to publish schema markups? Did it work?


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Hmmm interesting Cristian! This could help to make your site more SEO friendly. I've just checked that link out, where is the form fields to fill in? It's not showing any such form or field to paste a URL into it from here.

Adding with Google Tag Manager?

Or do you have to select something first?

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Hey Mike. You have to select your website's niche.

Here like this, let's say you have a store:Adding with Google Tag Manager?
Once you selected that, you can fill up the data manually in the fields presented for that specific niche you choose. Copy everything to clipboard and paste everything into HTML tag at GTM.

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