Blogs about television shows.

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Blogs about television shows.

I was having a look around earlier today for blogs that tend to write content about television shows and even though I found a fair few I couldn't find anything specifically that I was looking for and it got me thinking about blogging about television shows.

I personally myself only have a handful of television shows that I follow on a weekly basis and one thing I miss being able to do after each new episode of a television show I watch is being able to talk about the latest episode with other people who share the same interest. Having some kind of blog where you could post about the latest episode of a television show and have your visitors interact with your blog content really does sound like an awesome kind of blog to have especially since television shows are so popular with so many people watching television on a daily basis.

My question to you is though, how well do you feel a blog like that would work out? Do you feel a television show blog would be worthwhile or do you feel there are too many out there already for another to even stand a chance?


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Hmmm interesting! How do I feel a blog about TV shows would work out? Well how does a blog on anything work out? What you put in is usually connected to what you get out. But I think that could work out quite well in fact actually. Since some of these TV shows have many millions of fans and watchers and they want to know about those shows. They want to know about the cast of those shows, the actors, they want to know their story, their background and what they are doing or going to do or even likely to do in the show itself. I know I do!

And since there are many popular shows on TV now. You'd never really run out of something to post about. You could post about the latest current running TV shows right now. Or even talk about older TV shows as well. The current popular ones would be better but it would be good to visit a blog that did blog about even old TV shows as well as there are often facts and statistics about those shows which are very entertaining and interesting to read, learn and know about.

So don't even hesitate Shortie! Come up with a good domain name for it. Pick your hosting and the blog platform you want to use, pick a nice theme for it and get cracking! You could set up a Facebook Page/Group, Instagram, Pinterest account etc etc too.

Go go go! Blogs about television shows.

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I think there are plenty of blogs about TV and Movies. Most of them are blogging about almost every episode of the TV. And that means there are some dedicated writers for it. I think if you can keep up with the content of the TV then surely you can blog that way. But some of the users usually prefer to write the blog after the end of season. There is surely a demand for the people who want to blog on latest content on the TV.

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Agree with what idealmike and overcast have said. I even had a friend/fellow blogger write a post saying that you shouldn't feel guilty about the time you spend watching movies and TV series. Just be ready to share a review at your blog once you're done! Blogs about television shows. The entertainment field is wide open. You can blog about TV shows, books, music, etc. If you're really good and you're reviews are enjoyable reading, you should have no problem getting a loyal readership. I am on Tumblr and I can't tell how loyal people are to certain shows like Supernatural and Sherlock. Fans bordering on fanatics! It's unbelievable!!

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I think that's a good idea man. Don't feel guilty that you spend a lot of time watching shows, feel good because they'll never know what it's like to be immersed in a world like that. I personally enjoy TV and Movie blogs, I like to read them before I go see a movie, especially if the blogger has the exact same taste as I do when it comes to shows.

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I think that this is a good idea actually. I do watch a lot of TV shows and I am always looking for information pertaining to those shows online. Sometimes, it can be quite disappointing as I can't find what I am looking for or there are no entries for some shows. You can still start a good blog about TV shows.

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I think that you could find a good niche' for this type of blog--definitely. I guess I personally believe that any blog is successful if the writing and the content found there is good, and if you can combine that good writing with ways to get an audience and traffic to your blog, then you are really cooking with gas. I feel like the content at my blogs is great, and I've been told that, but getting traffic to those blogs is another story. I am still learning about that, to be sure.

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This reminds me of my younger days when I was new to my first job. The usual conversation in the office every morning are the tv shows. That’s why I was weaned from music into tv because I was out of place in those conversations. A blog about tv shows is a good niche provided you know where to get the readers. I have been seeing in Facebook posts about the local tv shows particularly those shows with high rating. And I guess if I have a blog of tv shows then I can get those Facebook friends to read my blog.

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