Got my first sale on Fiverr

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Got my first sale on Fiverr

AT the very beginning of the year, after being removed and banned from fiverr, I managed to re-enter and create a gig with very honesty possible by any human kind. Through constantly monitoring, I have seen that the gig I created it’s under review or what you call under moderation, which was fine and it is mandatory in any other platforms if I am not mistaken. The first gig was based on social media marketing for YouTube and later I had created one more gig which was for assignments covering all fields of marketing, management and customer service. So, both the gigs were successfully approved and over the months on logins I just used to see the ups and downs of impressions and views with good amounts of clicks which I was very much impressed about, because people are getting to know my service but I wasn’t getting orders. My profile was the most ordinary as well, unlike other pros I had no video or a very professional/attractive picture by paid, it was very simple and mutually made by me.

So, months passed by and I also stopped logging in there because at the point I stopped expecting anything, even the number of impressions and views were going down day by day, so I used to do some editing to make some changes, especially with the image and at that time also after submission the gig was successfully approved and it went on like this for few more months, by this time I was already making good relationship here on SEOclerks and stopped dreaming about fiverr with zero expectations.

Day before yesterday a very random visit to fiverr, I found out I have an active order held on 18th of April first few minutes I went full blank, had no idea what was happening as I didn’t receive any emails regarding the order from fiverr, which I was very disappointed about. So, three days have already passed, and if the buyer had wondered about his order, then I already made my first impression bad even though I wasn’t even aware of the active order, somehow, I finished the order this morning, it was order for YouTube user engagement.

Fiverr don't remove gigs, they remove people..


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I agree on the very last point Got my first sale on Fiverr
welcome to SEOCLERKS. Fiverr cant even bear if you use the letters SEOCLERKS anywhere on their site. Idk if seoclerks will remove you for writing about fiverr or, just thinking.. the staff here are great humans to help you anytime with anything btw. remember

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Fiverr and SEOclerks are two very different platforms. I personally prefer SEOclerks because I'm and SEO at heart and I don't really think Fiverr is the best place for SEO services.

But if you are full-time freelancer I can understand why you would use multiple marketplaces to sell your services, the more orders you get the bigger your profit gets.

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I have a portfolio set up on both Up work and Fiverr. It is very important as a freelancer for you to have multiple sources of income. And regarding client retention, the first is usually the most difficult.

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Late last year I set up a portfolio on fiverr. But I am giving up on Fiverr because it is more than 5 months now and I am yet to make any sale on it. I am starting to fear that maybe Fiverr is not for me. If course I have put on some gigs, maybe I an doing something wrong I guess. Even a friend sent me a couple of 'how to make success on fiverr' ebook but yet I haven't seen the result.

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Congratulations on your success. I recently joined Fiverr and I am still learning on there. I have not yet made any sales over there. I find it difficult to be successful on there. They are a bit strict. However, this does not mean that I will give up. I am trying hard and hope to get a sale soon.

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I have seen that lot of unworthy customers on fiverr. And a lot of them are used to taking advantage of the people. So it's not that good on fiverr anymore. But yeah if it can work better it's not much of a problem in that case. It's good to see your first sale. Keep us an updated point on the fiverr progress. Let me know that part as well.

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When I read your article I feel like I don't have any chance at all but still I want to try Fiverr. If not then I would go back here in SEO CLERKS. I already created an account but still I have to make some portfolio. I hope this time it work for me. Hoping I can get a client there soon.

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I would stick with SEO Clerks. Nothing against Fiverr,but how do you even get a foot in. They are so many people on Fiverr. I think it's very hard to get your gig seen and to attract people to buy your service. I have not tried SEO clerks but I plan to. I like the fact that it specializes in SEO services so people will kind of know what they are getting. It is also smaller so they is less choice and more chance for you to sell your services.But congratulations for getting your first gig on Fiverr.

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