Need Some Changes In SeoClerks

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Need Some Changes In SeoClerks

Hi, This is the Best platform for Buyers and Sellers.

But i want 1 Change or Updation in SeoClerks.
( If i start a Want to Buy (WTB) and put each and everything in it proper manner, What is Requirement, What looking for, Price and Etc. )

If the Bidders who do not read proper what exact a Buyer Looking for and Bid anything on anything WTB.

That's wrong! And, the buyer needs a power or a way from they can delete the wrong BId and send a point information to Bidder.

You bid was wrong and i removed your bid. After it 1 Msg goes from SeoClerk Team, Dear (----) This one is your 1st wrong bid , and if more than 5 wrong bid we found, then you well be locked for 1 week to unable BID on anything.

This is something hard,but Better to understand each one for Be a better bidder and better service and response Buyer Get.

I know this is something hard points am saying, but from this BId and Bidders genuine get better responses.

If anyone have any Question or Query on my discussion Please leave Comment..


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I virtually have no idea on what you are talking about.
Please make some direct and simple statements on what you would like to be improved and maybe we can discuss it here in the Community Discussions, or simply contact the staff by placing a ticket making your suggestions.

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Like if you want to buy Youtube Permanent Subscribers and started a WTB.

and some bidder ad bid like4like points youtube views and backlinks etc on your bid.
thats wrong...

so for it i started this discussion you can read once more time and get all information..

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