Downtime as a freelancer

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Downtime as a freelancer

As a freelancer one thing I always look forward to at the end of the day when I have been working is some downtime. Since I also have children and I am also working as a freelancer it is always nice to be able to relax and do something I want to be able to do that I don't often get to do. When I do get my downtime the things I love to do the most are gaming, listen to music and just relax, watch movies or even television shows that I don't get to watch too often. There are so many things that I enjoy doing after a long day working but it's not always possible to do that due to having such a busy schedule.

As a freelancer do you enjoy having some downtime? What things do you enjoy doing when you finally do get that downtime and do you feel like you get enough downtime?


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Well. I have my team. Whenever i want to relax i do. Downtime as a freelancer

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I usually go out and do a little travel, maybe go hiking or maybe have a relaxing day at the beach. Whatever I'm doing I just look to get my mind off work as well as freelancing. My schedule is pretty full, I usually work as a freelance on weekends but also after I escape my day job.

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I'm always looking forward to downtime where I will get to relax and have time for my family.

With this time I play with the kids,watch family series and go shopping.

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I usually like to take some short trips to enjoy nature after completing certain long projects. I feel it helps to rejuvenate me. I feel like a one day trip is enough. If I have too many jobs, I will resort to taking power naps to rest.

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Whether a freelancer or not, relaxation time is important. For my instant relief of the daily tension, I play Candy Crush on my phone particularly when I am traveling and I am not on the steering wheel, I try to relax or take a nap. And twice a week, I get a full body massage for 1 hour before bedtime. That is my luxury in life aside from the occasional travels.

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I love to schedule short vacations specially after a very hectic week of freelance work. I don' t have the luxury of a daily downtime as I would often work as long as I can. What I usually do is schedule the downtime around chunks of projects at the content mill. I would still be working on rest days but on less stressful and less time-consuming jobs at other online sites and that's just to pay the internet bill. I spend the rest of the day sleeping or going out for food trips with my loved ones. I'm also taking some online courses to improve my programming and web designing skills.

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