I want to learn this method

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I want to learn this method

I am newbie here. And I want to learn how to send twitter followers to someone account without admin details.
I am too interested in this method. And I didn't see any tutorial of this method in google. So who want to teach me this method.
I can trade him following services:
1. Logo Design
2. Banner Design
3. Flyer Design
4. Logo Intro Animation
5. 1 Minute Video Editing
6. Convert Website into Android App

Thank You


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Social Exchange is best way for you.

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Can you suggest me good sites for social exchange?

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When it comes to selling Twitter followers, you have to do something illegal. Would you still want to learn the method of using bots to send Twitter followers to a client when you already know that the followers you are giving are only bots? The count of followers will increase with those kind of followers but sooner or later the number of followers will go back to the original figure because the bots will be discovered. By the way, that kind of service is now banned in this marketplace.

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