PageRank should not accepted as a metric on Marketplace.

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PageRank should not accepted as a metric on Marketplace.

As an educated bunch SEOClerks should expect, All buyers of backlinks already know that Pagerank is no longer an effective metric to use when buying backlink packages.

The PR has not been updated for a while now and Google also announced last year that they have no intention of updating it again.

There are a variety of other metrics to determine if a link or link package is acceptable to you when buying it.

Don't buy anything based on Pagerank and expect anything like skyrocket to happen to your rankings.
Then post your experience in SEOclerks community (here) with your result.

Request to (SEOclerks)
SEOclerks can resolve the issue by:

Not recognizing PageRank as an effective metric in any SEOclerks seller service,

Addionally. SEOclerks should remove non quantifiable claims in sellers services. like best service, Guaranteed rank increase, Can't beat the price, many more.

It will clean SEOclerks and help buyers to choose the exact service they want.

I hope it helps SEOclerks.


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Well, the sellers usually need to choose the "language" of the buyer, they tend to adapt to whatever the buyer wants and needs.
So is only normal that sellers are still advertising the Page Rank factor.
Even if the PR is no longer relevant, I don't blame the sellers and I don't think the sellers need to educate the buyers.

Sure it would be nice if people stopped using PR and instead maybe use some other Authority Ranking factor that is more actual, but overall there is little we need to do.

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Well here here! Fair play for saying it. As this is something that has come up before recently on the FAQ and more and more people are now clued up about PR and how Google no longer shows it. So how then can those sellers say that the sites they are using are PR8 or PR9 or even PR10? How can they know that? And when did they see that was the PR of that site? Because PR has been stopped from showing for years now and PR used to change like the weather! So they could in fact be showing the incorrect PR of those websites anyway! And I think people are slowly coming around to this understanding.

Besides, there are much better domain metrics to state now like PA, DA, CF and TF for example. I think these same sellers should get with the times! And replace the PR for these metrics instead. It would make a lot more sense and also make them look like they are actually a seller that rolls with the times too. Because it's not just uneducated, inexperienced buyers that use the site. We have some very advanced SEO's and Internet Marketers on here that know about all of this and when they see that a seller is still listing websites that they're using in the service by PR, well I can only think how it puts them off from buying it for these reasons.

And I feel the same way about those that say things like "guaranteed ranking improvements". That one in particular. I'm not so concerned about them saying things like "best service" and "unbeatable price" etc as those are just sales slogans. But guaranteeing a rank improvement in an SEO service is like a roller coaster operator guaranteeing you'll go over the moon on their ride. Except when you get off there's no refund if you didn't go over the moon. Likewise there's no refund if they don't improve your rankings in x amount of time. So what's the guarantee again exactly? lol

PageRank should not accepted as a metric on Marketplace.

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Exactly. There are many services which describe guaranteed ranking. We should force sellers to update it and PR metrics too.

New buyers won't buy if they see PR metrics in seller services.
I try to explain ideas in short words. I don't write long like you.

There are 2 concepts.
non quantifiable.
PR Metrics mentioned in seller services.
We should forces sellers to describe it properly.
So new visitors of SEOclerk won't confused with services.

All the best,

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If you think that's long you should read some my FAQ posts lol

No I agree, something should be done. Although, I'm not sure if it actually causes a problem with anyone though does it? I mean, I haven't heard any complaints from anyone about it. I don't use PR in my services descriptions but it would be one of those things where if it was a problem to people and lots of people complained about it then something would get done about it but there's a saying that goes don't stir up the hornet's nest or something like that which is a logic that might be able to be applied here. PageRank should not accepted as a metric on Marketplace.



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Hello Mike,

Actaully. People/New Visitors don't have time complain about the services.
So basically we are waiting for complaints from others to look over metrics issue. but we have to make it better. There are not many people to improve the marketplace.

All the best,

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First off, I am still at a loss on why website owners buy backlinks. Secondly, how do the backlinks refer to your site, are they created for your benefit or are the backlinks already existing before you purchased? Anyway, I have read in several discussions that the Page Rank which was a huge factor for a website before is not anymore being used by Google so it is now just a number and has no bearing in the value of the site’s ranking.

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