A different way to find article writing clients

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A different way to find article writing clients

When someone gets into article writing for clients they always think they need to be on freelancer platforms. I'm here to tell you that finding article writing clients can be easier than you think and there are multiple ways to find great clients. And the best part about this is that they most likely won't buy just one or two articles at a time, you can get them to buy dozens and possibly have them sign up for a monthly service!

A different way to find article writing clients

A few guidelines:
  • Over Deliver - Now a lot of us know what this is and why to do it, but I'll explain to those who are just getting into writing. When you're working with new clients you should always over deliver which means you're going above and beyond what the agreed upon work was. If you're writing 1 article that is 500 words long for someone then you should give them 2 at 500 words or 1 at 800+ words to keep them coming back.
  • High Quality - Always have high quality work for your clients because if they're paying you for a service they don't want garbage in return. Even if you're charging $5 for an article, make it the best damn article you can write.
  • Quick TAT - When writing for someone they will always want to know how long it will take to complete the work. You should always have a quick turn around time (TAT) so that they are happy with the speed of your work. A good rule of thumb is if you think it will take 1 day to complete, tell them 48 hours. If you're talking with a client about a large order and you think it'll take a week, tell them 2 weeks just to be safe. Late deliveries are always worse than if you tell them how long you think it will take even if you can finish sooner. And if you tell them 2 weeks but send them the work after just 7 days, they will order a lot more from you because of your speedy delivery A different way to find article writing clients

Apply all of the above and you'll keep your clients coming back time and time again for load of content for anything from article marketing to website content.

Different ways to attract new article writing clients

As I said earlier, a lot of you think that the only place to find clients for article writing is to be on big freelancer type websites like and I'm here to tell you that you can branch out a bit more. I absolutely love and you should definitely list a service here, but you should always have multiple sources for bringing in clients to be successful A different way to find article writing clients

Method 1: Contact Forms
A lot of people don't think of just reaching out to websites that need content. All you have to do is write up a nice message and copy/paste it into the contact form of the website you're wanting to write for. Be nice in the initial contact and let them know you're interested in writing for them because you're knowledgeable of their topics. You should also tell them the benefits of good content writing and if they're lacking a large amount of content. If they don't have much content on their blogs or website then you can tell them they aren't targeting as many keywords as they could be with fresh content on their subpages, which you can do well.

Method 2: Free Content
The free content method works well with the first method of using contact forms because you need to contact them somehow to tell them you'll write for free A different way to find article writing clients What you'll do is contact these websites where you're able to easily write content all day for and tell them you'll give them XX amount of articles as a new client promotion and they can choose to sign up with you afterwards if they'd like. What I've seen with this type of method is that a lot of website owners won't sign up right away because they will add your content over a week or two then when they do start getting traffic from low competition keywords they'll call you pretty quick and put an order in A different way to find article writing clients If you have the funding to outsource the work I would do it. You can charge $10 a page but pay your freelancer $5 an article so that you're sort of breaking even on the work even after you give away some free articles A different way to find article writing clients I've done this method a bunch when I had a lot of downtime a couple years ago and it worked very well to bring in a lot of clients. Some of them I still write for and others I even pulled in as SEO clients who pay me a good amount of money each month A different way to find article writing clients

Method 3: Blog about article writing
If you're blogging about article writing you will be showing people your work and they will most likely be looking for someone to write content for them. The conversion rate on something like this is pretty high, but you need to get ranked in the search engines or at least have a PPC campaign running in order to get traffic to your pages. The only downside to this kind of PPC campaign is that the content writing niche can be expensive at $15+ per click. So if you're spending $150 a day and getting 10 clicks, you still might not even get a client A different way to find article writing clients This method takes time since you have to rank high for competitive keywords and there's no guarantee you will rank high enough to get traffic. Now if you do end up ranking high for great keywords, you'll have a packed schedule for a long time A different way to find article writing clients

In Conclusion:
You need to think outside the box slightly in order to pull in clients and you'll be able to build a stable income over a couple months time. I know that you didn't want to hear "a couple months time" but something good isn't going to come to you without putting in the time ;) Contact websites you're knowledgeable on so that you can hammer out great content in a short amount of time and give them free content if you'd like. Every little bit that benefits the client will increase your chances of them paying you A different way to find article writing clients

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Cheers Raz, another superb article for getting an alternative view on doing something that many people struggle with doing! And I always like how you just put it out there and simplify what doesn't need to be a complicated process. Sometimes these things are just right under people's noses but unless you actually point it out for them they largely miss it and don't see it!

And I'm definitely a big fan of the timing thing. Saying it will be 7 days (just to cover yourself) but of course, delivering it much sooner than that. I usually set 7 days to be delivered on my services, but I usually deliver much before that. But you should always tell people it will be longer than you actually think it would be. Or at least give them a time frame in which, if you can't deliver early, you give yourself some time to get it done and delivered by. But for the large part, still deliver it a little earlier than expected.

People do appreciate that and it gives you a good name and some rep for it too. Especially if you get the other stuff right as well and over deliver it with an article that's longer than they expected that is of good quality. Just last night I delivered an order that was set to be delivered in 7 days and was only meant to be 1000 words. But me being me, I ended up delivering them an article that was about 2000 words. 2,075 words, 11,441 characters to be exact. But who's counting? Oh the client is! A different way to find article writing clients

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Never tried to reach out to clients. I always wait for them to contact me. Awesome tips you gave here Razzy!
Serisouly, I will really try contacting a few big blogs I read, I'm pretty sure they will accept new writers, even more, mediocre writers like me. Wonder if I make a list of 100 websites where I would want to write and I would contact all of them, how many closed deals do you think I'll catch?
Is providing samples or examples of your writing helps when contacting potential clients? I think it helps...

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I have recently set a personal website. In this website, I have not only listed my portfolio but also my services. I am yet to get freelancing opportunities from my website, however, I believe my website will help me build my brand as a freelance writer, digital marketer, and web designer.
Delievering in time and delivering a high-quality work both are important to retain clients and gain recommendations. My satisfied clients have always hired me for the second time and also recommended new clients.

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When it comes to service, it is imperative to produce high quality output. That is one way of showing your brand to your clients. And a good performance is always appreciated whether the client says it or not. As long as the client gets your service again, that is a clear indication that your work was appreciated. Just like what my father tells us when we were young, always give it your best shot no matter what job you are doing. And I fully agree to that advice.

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