What most traffic services do in order to send you traffic.

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What most traffic services do in order to send you traffic.

Recently I commented on a discussion about fake website traffic and if any of it was real. I'm sure that there are some services out there that will have real traffic sent to your website, but not many, and especially not the ones who are selling 100,000 visitors for $9.99 lol. Below I'll go over a couple ways that freelancers will build false traffic in order to sell it to you.

A lot of people know what an iframe is, but for those of you who don't I'll give you a basic understanding. An iframe is basically a window to something you want to load on your web page but it isn't actually on your website. That's why I say it's similar to a window because you're looking through to the other website but it's not under the domain you're currently on.

iframing would be ok if someone was doing it to show banners or logos from an advertiser or website they like, but that's not what it's used for in todays world. Most traffic generators will use iframes of your website but it will only be the size of a pixel on their page and that's enough to load your website and generate a hit. How many clicks do you think you'd get from a pixel on someone elses website? Not a single one lol.

A trickier way to do this would be to set up a dummy website that redirects to your own website after 1 second. Doing this will mask the original website and it will show the dummy site in your analytics. I'm not sure exactly if this still works, but I know people have done it in the past.

Of course this way of generating fake traffic to a clients website only works if you're already getting traffic. I guess you could pay a service $10 for 100,000 visitors to your dummy website and redirect it to another dummy site which would then show the 100k visitors. Doing this would be pointless unless you had a few clients though. You'd set up the website in order to redirect and then add in an iframe of whatever client you sold a package to. This way you would only have to buy 1 traffic packages and you could actually sell hundreds, which is what some sellers do unfortunately What most traffic services do in order to send you traffic.

Their Own "Tracking" Software
A lot of times a freelancer who is selling traffic will ask you to use a specific tracking software because they know it will measure the bullsh*t traffic they're sending you lol. I've purchased traffic in the past from people who have banner pop ups, but they never asked me to use specific software, and I actually had conversions which is even better. These sellers who ask you to use specific software will manipulate the software in order to show your traffic jumping up, but it won't actually show in your analytics dashboard. When you call out these sellers they will either say you haven't installed your analytics correctly or you're looking in the wrong spot to see the traffic. Even if your analytics works fine with other sources, how did it not track theirs? Because it was fake traffic and they didn't send you anything at all.

When you call out these types of sellers they will actually get mad at YOU for not believing them. This happens a lot when someone is selling something that doesn't work but they don't want to refund you. The beauty of SEOclerks is that you can easily prove your dispute with screenshots and if the person selling the traffic gives a guarantee, you can get your money back or at least some of it.

If it's a fake service, call them out and see what happens. The worst that can happen is that you lose a few bucks and give them a bad review.

Traffic Exchanges
This is one of the trickier ways to sell traffic packages since it takes a little bit of time to set up. A lot of buyers love these, even through they are fake, because it shows up in analytics and has a very slight potential for conversions.

What they seller will do is go to their preferred traffic exchange that allows you to easily build points by using multiple IP addresses within 1 account. What the seller does is set up a few VPS's which all have different IP addresses and then they'll run the traffic exchange on each of them to build points. If they are getting 1 point every 30 seconds that's 2,880 minutes a day. Now multiply that my 10 or even 100 and it stacks up pretty quick What most traffic services do in order to send you traffic. On some of these traffic exchanges you can actually pay $10 a month or less and get a premium account which will let you gain 100% of your points for even less time invested. So now they are gaining 4 points a minute instead of 2 and that doubles their gain across all their accounts.

Some of you are saying "Well I could just see the traffic exchange showing up in my analytics, right?" not necessarily. This is due to some of these traffic exchange offering a custom referrer option. A custom referrer is when you are building points on the traffic exchange and using your points to whatever website you want, but instead of it showing it can now show Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc. because you can trick analytics to see what you want it to. This is how people can say "100,000 visitors directly from Google!" because they can enter "Google" as the referrer even though your visitors aren't coming from there What most traffic services do in order to send you traffic.

In conclusion, there is no short cut to gaining traffic. You will either pay a premium to get REAL visitors, partner up with another website and get a banner on their page or invest a lot of time into content generation and pull actual traffic from the search engines. Gaining a lot of traffic to your pages isn't just purchasing a $10 service, it's working hard and investing a lot of time.

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Traffic exchange is the best choice among all the buy fake traffic services because not only it has a small chance of conversion, it will also raise your Alexa rank since it is seen as real traffic.
Not all traffic that will be measured in GA is beneficial for your site but overall traffic exchange is the logical choice and I agree, don't fall for "measure everything with this software" bullcrap.

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I have also heard of traffic exchanges as one of the best ways of getting legit traffic. But to be honest about it, I really have no clear idea of how traffic exchange works. Although I know that it can help raise the Alexa ranking, is it related to the SEO ranking? But for sure, traffic exchange is beneficial to your site although there is no defined numbers.

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This is very true. Although even "fake" traffic can have some value to it when used over a long period of time. Mainly more for increasing your domains metrics but not so much for getting clicks, sales and conversions. There are some fake traffic services that some people are able to turn a profit with though. I know some Russian guy that does traffic arbitrage, he runs it on his site and using some advertiser (he wont tell me which) he makes a profit from that by just eCPM (impressions) alone.

But you're absolutely right in that real traffic does take time and work to build up. But there is simply no better quality of traffic you can get than this. It's just that many people want to take short cuts and try out different things. But a website should be a long term investment anyway and you should put in those hours of building traffic to it from reputable, genuine sources like social media, forum marketing, blogs and guest posts and banner advertising etc etc.

And I used to use traffic exchanges a lot in the past. That was wayyy back though before all the Google algo updates and changes and I did used to pull in the occasional sale and referral from it too. However, what I was doing was using my own site which advertised and blogged about the different traffic exchanges. And while some of them didn't approve my site (mainly because they knew it would generate competition for them) most did and those same people were people that were using traffic exchanges for sending traffic to their site, and they'd see my site and the banner ads to those different traffic exchanges and would sign up through my and I'd occasionally make a sale where they had "upgraded" their account. What most traffic services do in order to send you traffic.

But I stopped using them after a while as I found it more profitable to just do SEO and build up traffic to my sites from other places and ways instead. I haven't logged into a traffic exchange site in years now and hope I never have to again lol

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This stuff ranks up there with those schemes you see on home biz magazines you can buy at Books-a-Million or Wal-Mart. It's simply the lowest of the low. Possibly, the only thing lower is stuff that targets the elderly, particularly schemes where the attacker claims to be a family member. Anyway, though, due to the low price, there is an appeal. Note, pay-per-click traffic of average or high quality is simply out of reach for a lot of marketers.

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Great post and interesting , I like traffic exchange the only thing which I don't like is you can't use your site if it as adsense on it. As many have been banned from using adsense doing this. I also own a traffic exchange which comes in handy to get as much traffic to my sites by using my own site,lol.

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I have seen many who make use of the traffic surfing software and the PTC. So that makes it not so genuine traffic at all. In fact these two sources are the worst form of the traffic that you can get. It'd be even worst if you ask me about the conversion. Because people on those traffic sources are not worth at all. Traffic services are mostly scam. And 1 out of thousand is likely to give you real people who buy or click on ads.

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There is really no value in buying fake traffic. The chance of engagement with the site or a conversation is next to zero. These schemes target new and novice website owners who don't know better and take advantage of their lack of knowledge.

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I have yet to try traffic exchanges but as you had mentioned that most of those services give your site fake traffic then I guess it would be futile to avail of traffic exchanges. With the statement that there is no short cut to traffic then that means we have to stick with the SEO methods that we know. I believe that doing SEO work in the manual way is the best and safest for the site unless you resort to keyword stuffing and excessive building of backlinks.

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