About Resell Rights Product Listing Guideline

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About Resell Rights Product Listing Guideline

Dear guys,
I have difficulties to understand the message sent to me by SEOclerks support team despite I have read the forum listing guideline.

However, so far, SEOclerks support team has done a great job in reply.

I received the message of the following:
"We do review any products on a case by case basis but they will rarely be rejected permitting that all content involved is unique. Duplicate content from reseller products will often be rejected regardless of resale rights."

What did the sentence highlight above really mean?

Did it mean?

  • No duplicate sales page?
  • Write or rewrite the content from the resell rights product sales page before posting into SEOclerks market?
  • No copy & paste?
Can anyone explain?

Thank you

Note: Have done a search on the forum & "G-search", no one yet sells the product on SEOclerks.


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Hi - any copy/paste description will be deleted as it 'duplicates' what can be found on other pages on the internet and provides no real value of it's own. If you have purchased a resell product and wish to sell it here, then please take the time to create your own description, title and sales page, not copied from any other source. As for whether or not 'resell rights' type ebooks are allowed, that is likely determined on a case by case basis.

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Just out of curiosity, I googled 'Amazon Affiliate Blueprint' and there were a LOT of search results for this ebook, even on Amazon, Udemy and Warrior. Even 'About 3,620,000 results' for WP Tube Ninja, so you'll be competing against some pretty big power players that are already getting traffic. And, with duplicate content sales page, I doubt you will ever rank that highly for your product - whatever site you are selling on. Possibly if you are doing some external promotion of your own, Facebook groups or forum marketing,then it won't really matter as then you're not really relying on traffic from Google. Might get lucky and make some sales that way.

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