A Look at Some of the Best SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores

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A Look at Some of the Best SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores

Hello all. Earlier on I posted a discussion on 10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program. In that post, one of the ways to earn money with the SEOClerks affiliate program was to start your own SEOClerks affiliate site! That can be done with something like a CMS like WordPress and blogging about SEO services etc etc and then linking to recommended service on here with your affiliate link. And then doing SEO on that site to increase its ranking in the Search Engines. As well as driving traffic to it through promotion, marketing and advertising etc etc.

But which is the best SEOClerks Affiliate Script / Theme / Plugin or Store to use for this reason? With so many different scripts, themes and plugins, how to know which one is right for you? How to know how they all actually work? How to know which one is the most "SEO friendly"? Or which one is the most "user friendly" to use? To install, to modify etc etc etc?

Fortunately, if you search the Marketplace for "SEOClerks affiliate", you can find quite a lot of them. I say quite a lot but the search for it only returns about 20 results. And these are all mostly different and made and sold by different sellers too. So I just wanted to do a quick overview of some of these and how they work, the pros and cons to them etc.

Before I start running through some of them. I just wanted to talk about some "prerequisites" of what a good SEOClerks affiliate store, script or theme should have in my opinion. By prerequisites, I mean things that are essential when it comes to good on page SEO. Such as pages that open that are the services, the ability to add unique content to the site, unique meta descriptions etc. An Admin back end that is easy to use and comprehensive for editing virtually every part of the site.

Powerful SEOClerks Affiliate Store - Fully Hosted for $72
I haven't use this one myself yet. And it's one of the most expensive SEOClerks affiliate stores. It says "SEO Friendly Pages" but I think it just means you can have pages with it. And I've checked the pages that the demo for this store has and it appears to be using the same meta description as the homepage so I'm not sure what is supposed to be SEO friendly about that. Also, the services don't actually open as new pages on the site. They just link directly to the service on SEOClerks which I'm not that keen on. Also it says "Annual subscription you can cancel at any time" which I don't get. So you have to pay $72 every year for it? That doesn't seem right to me!

Affordable SEOClerks Affiliate Store for $15
I like the look of this affiliate store a bit more since it has most of the sites Marketplace categories in the sidebar on the homepage. The services don't open as their own pages which is not good for me. They just link directly to the service itself. But there are some sorting options on the top which let you sort by top rated, most orders etc. I'm not sure how the backend works or even if there is one. It looks pretty much to me like you just "set and forget" and once installed it automatically shows services that use your affiliate ID in the links. Still for only $15 it's not too bad and comes with 8 different themes.

SEOClerks Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin - SEO Store for $15
Now this is a WordPress plugin so you'll just need to install it in WordPress, enter your affiliate ID and change some other settings and create a page for it and hey presto! You have an SEOClerks affiliate site up and running. And since it's running on WordPress, it means the sky is the limit in terms of design and SEO'ng it. I like how the Marketplace categories are all listed in the side bar. But again, what lets it down is that it doesn't open up the services in a new page. Instead it just links directly to the service so isn't that SEO friendly and helpful to people using/browsing it. That said it's also only $15 so not going to break the bank.

Mini Store Page for SEOClerks Affiliate for $2
This SEOClerks affiliate mini store has to be one of the cheapest I've ever seen on here! For only $2. It's a simple PHP script using cURL function and is meant to be quick and easy to install. Mind you, it's not the most prettiest looking although there are several themes you can choose from. However once again, the services don't open as new pages and instead just link directly to them with affiliate link.

SEOClerks Latest Affiliate Store Script [v3] for $10
This PHP script doesn't look too bad! It's got a nice clean, modern look to it. It shows the categories on the right hand sidebar (which is better than showing them on the left for SEO purposes). And it has sort options as well so you can sort by some filters like top rated, on sale, total orders, most bookmarked, staff picks etc which is cool. I do believe you can create pages for it as well which you can SEO. However, once again, this script doesn't have services that open up as actual pages on the site instead it just links directly to them.

SEOClerks Affiliate Store Responsive 2017 for $12 $9
This SEOClerks affiliate store seems very similar to some of the others in terms of the way it looks. And that it has the categories and sort options in the sidebar. And it does allow for you to create pages but again, once again, the services don't open as new pages on the site and instead link to the service directly. That's not a bad thing, just I find it better if services do open in their own page and contain the service description, seller details etc.

SEOClerks Affiliate Store WordPress Theme for $25
Now we're talking! This SEOClerks Store WordPress Theme for $25 DOES have pages for each service! So instead of just directly linking to that service using the affiliate ID, each service has its own page that opens up that contains the service description and details about the actual seller as well. This is much much better IMHO as it not only encourages CTR on your site but is much more helpful to those people browsing that site to see whether or not that service is worth checking out and buying. This is one of the better SEOClerks WordPress themes with categories and sort options in the right hand side bar on the homepage. Internal service pages that open up, the ability to add new pages to it. And since it's running on WordPress, very secure and SEO friendly!

Okay guys and girls, that's about 10 of them so far for now. Just for your information! There are some more of these as well and I'll do another post on the rest of them soon. But in case you were wondering about this, well now you know! A Look at Some of the Best SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores

Do you use any of these SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores?

Which one do you think is best and why?


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Hi mike great topic to talk about , I got my theme off anwebservices great guy and great value and it was pretty easy to do as well. All I had to do was install the theme and then I watched the video with it and set it all up. Now the only thing I need to do is promote it . which I will do soon enough as am using yoast with it so its just really just getting my head down and cracking on with it . Which I prob do tomorrow as it is a bank holiday monday. Gee didn't know they was that many of them lol.
But yeh it is great to have your own seoclerks theme site and lure in some members added bonus as you earn commission.

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Nice one Kev yeah Abid is an awesome guy and his one is the best of them all I think. And worth every penny as well as it can more than pay for itself over and over again if you do some SEO and promotion of your site that you're using it on. I'll be purchasing it myself soon as I have a couple affiliate sites but not really had much time to do much with them but want to step up my promoting of them. The only way is up! A Look at Some of the Best SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores

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No, but I'd be damn this is a nice list you put together Mike! Especially the WordPress theme. It looks good and I think it works just fine.
I had some success with affiliate sales in the past. I always earned by selling my services here on SC so affiliate sales always came second, but I really have no excuse, I should totally try investing into a SC affiliate store, the only problem is promoting that store.

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I hear you brother! Although, I do hear more excuses lol. But it's a fair excuse. The "promoting them" part. Because that's not everyone's strong point. Fortunately, there is a ton of information just on the SEOClerks FAQ alone that can help with that! You remember my 50 ways to promote your affiliate links series of posts right? And anything else can be found by just searching online for ways to promote and advertise stuff. Plus, you can get SEO and promotion services on here to help you with that. Sure it does involve spending money and some people are a bit apprehensive about that especially when it comes to a new site. But with some basic homework (keyword research) it's not impossible. Although it is easier to say that than to actually do it and I get that! A Look at Some of the Best SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores

Give it a go Cristian, you never know what might come of it. But unless you do, you never will! A Look at Some of the Best SEOClerks Affiliate Scripts / Themes / Plugins & Stores

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