Instant messenger or chat for seller and buyer During orders

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Instant messenger or chat for seller and buyer During orders

Hi everyone I just thought of another great suggestion. Not sure if anyone will agree but at times when you are talking to a buy during an order you have to wait till they message you. And then they wait for your message.

My suggestion is , only during orders it would be good to have an instant messenger service or chat setting which allows instant chats with the buyer or sellers. Only for orders and inbetween orders tho as if the site had this for all uses this would cause spammers. So this is why I suggest this only for during an order .

I do think its a great idea my self what do you think. Also adding a friends list would be cool like where facebook tells you who is online and offline with friends this would make a good feature.


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I think this suggestion has come up before in the past and some possible scenarios for its use were suggested and recommended as well. But I think that the general consensus was against it, even for during orders only. I think the main reason was that it could lead to complications and annoyances because some buyers could use it to get really pushy and this would just take up more time by the seller in which to deal with it. Think about it, some sellers have hundreds of orders open at any one time. They often find it hard enough to keep up with orders as it is, imagine if they have hundreds of people sending them instant messages. In the same way and style of that of the Facebook instant chat feature. It could really bog them down having to reply to all those instant messages. And also, if they never responded to people because they was busy working on something, that person (buyer) could become annoyed by this and think that they was ignoring them. Likewise, the same could be said for buyers too. Where a seller could send a buyer an instant message and then that buyer be AFK and not respond and that could cause an annoyance too. So I think these are the main reasons really why we don't have that feature here. Besides, everything that needs to be said and provided can just be said and provided from within the order page itself. But who knows what might happen! Instant messenger or chat for seller and buyer During orders

I like the friends online feature suggestion though. I guess something like that could be added and could serve as some function. But right now we have followers and you can simply just hover over their profile pictures on your profile and it will tell you if they online or not anyway. Instant messenger or chat for seller and buyer During orders

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I agree. The fact that the buyer can see you Online is enough for me. I had clients bug me every 5 minutes asking me if the order was ready. I usually had to log off and come back later when the buyer was finally offline.

Having a chat would totally be abused by the buyer and I've seen no marketplace implement such a feature which totally makes you wonder why. I do agree that the messaging system needs an update, but this isn't it in my opinion.

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For me, a simple messaging method is just fine. In fact, most of the online stores that I purchase from use the Facebook messenger. I had never tried the video chat and maybe I am not comfortable with it. But I understand the apprehension of some buyers when they say they want to see the seller in person. With the prevalence of scam in the internet, I think that personal appearance in video chat is just fair.

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