Merits and demerits of adding date to permalink in wordpress

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Merits and demerits of adding date to permalink in wordpress

If you add date in permalink structure of your WordPress post, then people will visit it more when it's new.
But when your post gets old, chances will decrease even if you have old post which can benefit readers some way.
I prefer permalink without date in it. Although some prefer having it in permalink.


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Hmm yeah that's a good point. And I think it's something a lot of bloggers have pondered and experimented with. A lot of people (bloggers) I know, myself included, don't like to include the timestamp in the permalink (URL) as it makes the URL longer and harder to remember and these days, peoples memory is getting shorter and shorter (just like the URLs). So it's an aesthetic thing as well. I mean, what looks better? This or you know? Now having the timestamp in the URL can help people to know when that content was published so therefore, letting them know whether it's relevant to them or not. Since if they're looking for something that has only just come into existence in the past month or so and the timestamp in your URL says that it was created last year or something, then it can be helpful to them in knowing that it's likely not going to contain the information that they're looking for. But like you said, this can also work against you as well as it means less people are likely to click on that URL/link/title if they don't think that it does. However, most blog posts contain a timestamp in them somewhere, usually at the top or the bottom of the blog post itself. In fact, I make it mandatory to make sure it is because I know, when I'm reading a blog post, I sometimes look for the date it was published and when I can't find that I find it a little annoying. Like how dare they strip that out I need to know when it was published! But when it comes to the timestamp in the URL, it's more of a preference thing if you ask me. Merits and demerits of adding date to permalink in wordpress

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