How to write content for 2017 - 7 tips&tricks

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How to write content for 2017 - 7 tips&tricks

I believe the web has changed a lot the last few years, with important advancements made by both Google and Facebook in terms of delivering users exactly what they need. One very important question most online marketer asks is how do you write content anymore? What do you need to do to make sure you stay relevant in both the eyes of users both also Google and even Facebook.

It is pretty clear to me that what used to work once upon a time doesn't work anymore and copying what someone else is doing also doesn't help like it used too. Technical SEO is long dead and the importance of keywords is diminishing.

So what do you need to do to ensure you are writing good content in 2017?

1. Exceptional content plus promotion equals love.

2. Don't write about a subject just because you need to write something today. Both users and search engines can recognize "empty" words and are not going to read or rank that type of content.

3. 500 words about a certain subject don't mean you covered that subject entirely. You need to aim for contact that passes 1500 words and delivers a complete experience to any users interested in that subject/niche.

4. Three complex proper articles written in a month is way better than 30 low-quality articles posted in that same time period.

5. Content needs to have an opinion, needs to be structured and organized, visual attractive with a conversational style.

6. Make sure you are doing a proper research, it all starts with "personas" - go to forums and facebook groups to take the pulse of you audience and once you start writing, make sure you are doing it in their "language", it's important to adapt their talking style and their micro-culture on the subject you are writing about, this was they'll feel a connection with the content you produced targets them directly.

7. The vast majority of online users don't like to read, the majority just "scan" than information. You need to make sure you structure your content in ways that make it easy to digest and "scan".


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Great post Cristian and yeah SEO is changing a hell of a lot now with this new Google "Fred" Which I have herd mentioned 1 or 2 times by fellow members. Since working on Seo clerks tho I am learning new skills all the time "mainly" my writing and content skills for my wordpress.

I do often hire members to help do work for my content , But honest I ain't the one to be lazy . I just have so many projects at the minute and only hire members to fine touch things on my end.

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Thanks for the writing tips Cristian! Even I need to hear things like this from time to time! And I love what you said about taking the pulse of your intended audience and writing in a way that they can understand. In their own micro-culture language. That's very true and makes perfect sense! And the rest all makes sense and is a good rule of thumb to go by too!

I wonder though, just how much keyword importance is diminishing. And to what degree and effect? Like, will keywords still play a role at all in future content in say, 5 years time? Surely keywords will always do so since if you want your site to be indexed and found for dog training tips, one much write content that contains those keywords within the context of the content itself.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out now over the years where technical SEO is becoming less and less important and search engines are starting to put more emphasis on the people that use them, what their intent behind their search is. And as they evolve and learn to figure this stuff out even more, it will be interesting to see how that all connects in the future. How to write content for 2017 -  7 tips&tricks

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You will always have technical SEO. Just look at how much speed optimization has evolved or microdata type of implementation. You also have new technologies like AMP, Open Graph and much more.
My point is that technical SEO will be present 5 years from now, but as Google becomes smarter and smarter I don't think we will need to do much keyword research as to look for the number of average monthly searches.

We will probably research just for the sake of gathering keywords related to the niches we will write about. The main research will be done on the competitors, in my opinion, the ones that get the Lion's share of the niche you want to rank for.

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I think the moral of the story is that you shouldn't get into something just for cash. It should be a passion. Otherwise, you might fall into the trap of creating really bad content to simply scam your way into money.

Anyhow, though, I cannot say I love all the niches I'm involved in, but I can fake it, lol. Well, actually, with the one I dislike somewhat, I cannot say I dislike all of it. I suppose I can just focus on the parts I like.

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Number 7 is an incredible twist. Online readers don't like to read. They just “scan”. Makes you wonder why you have to write 500 to 2500 words. But you have to! Because based on their scanning, they may have questions. That's when they'll have to read the rest of your words. If your content answers their questions, they'll probably come back to your site for more. There's no substitute for quality content.

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Yes, people do not reach much online, they view the content. They read few lines from each paragraph and get to desired information. Online visitors have a very little attention span, its like 10 or 15 seconds. If your first few sentences cannot hold the visitor attention they will immediately go away. The best way to attract readers is by having infographics, sub titles and sections.

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I agree with number 7, I sometimes do it myself. First I "scan" if I think it's worth my time I'll read it. If it doesn't pass the "scan test" I'm not even going to make an effort to start reading it. Also I think using key words in bold is a great thing to do because that way you get to know what the text is about before doing the whole reading. I would say making a text to long is also a bit boring because quantity is never going to be better than quality... Thanks for the article!

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I am a writer and I have been regularly writing online since 2010. I have written for many writing sites, my own websites as well as for clients. When I am writing an online article, I always aim for 900-1200 words. I think I can cover a topic well within this limit. In case the word limit is not enough to cover the topic entirely, I will write another article covering another aspect of that topic. Developing contents around similar topic has many benefits, one of them is you can create inbound links. You can also increase readership, if a reader likes your article, he is very liley to read another article.
I will always write what the readers want to read. Therefore, before I write, I always check whether people are interested in the topic or not.

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I have to agree that one of the best you can do as a writer is to write an exceptional piece that is coupled with good marketing. A content with substance means there is interesting information that is relevant to the niche and easy to understand. I remember coming across a post about the economic side of a golf course. It has so many information like the amount of water needed per day. But it was not well written so the reader is like being gagged with too much information.

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