Why you should brand your own name online

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Why you should brand your own name online

Branding your own name online is actually a lot easier than you would think. Since there's not much competition, branding your name online can be quicker than an SEO campaign and last much longer. Whenever you're bored online I'm sure there has been at least one or two times that you've searched your own name to see what pops up. I know I've done it and I've come across some really weird stuff and rarely do I ever find something about myself, unless I did some branding.

When you're branding your own name online you're basically making it so that when you type in your name to the search engine address bar, you're information pops up for everyone to see. A lot of people may think that this is pointless because no one is searching their names, but you'd be amazed at how many people actually do Why you should brand your own name online

A few reasons to brand your own name online

Reason 1: Job Applications
With todays technology wave it's easier to figure out a lot about a person just by searching their name online. You can search their name and location to find all of their social profiles and then stem off from there to figure out who they really are when no one is looking. An employer will usually go through a persons social profiles to see if they're just out partying all the time or if they're more into traveling. Obviously an employer won't want to hire the party animal you are when you leave your job since you could have poor work performance due to being hung over, calling off for pointless reasons like going to a concert but saying you're sick or wanting to leave early because you want to go "chill" with your friends. Employers typically want their employees to be professional and responsible people since that's what will be seen in the workplace. You wouldn't want to have a girl or guy coming in hung over and taking naps in the breakroom until it's lunch time, would you?

Reason 2: Keeping Your Name Safe
Keeping your name safe is a pretty easy thing to do if you do it right. You can post some positive information about yourself on your free blog or self hosted website, which is easier than you think. All you'd have to do is get some cheap hosting accounts, around $1 to $5 a piece, and start writing content on all of these websites and blogs like they're journals to the public. You can even set a few up as photo albums and write detailed descriptions on each photo so that you can easily rank for your name in the quickest amount of time possible. After you get a bunch of pages up and running with your name on them, you should see the top 10 search results getting flooded with positive content about yourself.

By doing this you are keeping your name safe and it's harder for someone else to run a negative PR campaign against you. People online like to troll and one of the easiest ways is to post something negative about you on a blog, but you're already combating that with all your other websites lol.

You'll need to do a little bit of SEO and Backlinking on these websites in order to solidify your top rankings, but that's not a difficult thing at all because you're already here on Why you should brand your own name online

Reason 3: Online Selling
If you want to get into selling online and seen as the top dog, you'll need to have your website ranked for your own name. If your website isn't ranked when someone types your name into Google, then they will have a difficult time finding you, especially if you have a tough name to type lol. I know a lot of online marketers who set up websites for their services just in case they become more popular. A few of them have had success with it while the others are still working, but they all have the websites ranked for their own names.

If you can brand your own name for something positive, you can sell an item a lot easier. Think of Martha Stewart, she was already famous but put her name on a line of towels and they became instant sellers. She has a well branded name and set up a company to sell house hold items and it blew up in a positive way. You can do something similar to this, but it will take a lot of time Why you should brand your own name online

In Conclusion:
You don't have to brand your name, but it's a good thing to think about since it's like another form of security. People can't register a domain name using your personal name and spread hate, which will fall back on you. You can get more jobs since employers will be able to find loads of positive information about you by just doing a basic search. And finally if you brand your name and get big enough, you can basically start any company you want and your cult like following will buy whatever you're selling Why you should brand your own name online

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I couldn't agree more Razzy! Branding your name online is always a wise decision, I hear so many stories about people taking other's business names and using them to create a website to create problems for the original business owner. This then causes numerous problems for you as the business owner trying to clear your name. By branding your name you can then make things official and protect your name, will it fully protect you from people who want to cause trouble? Probably not but it will give you more security in the long run if anyone does decide to mess around and try to make your name look bad on the internet. People also like to know about the person whom they may be having dealings with as well as by branding your name as Razzy said you can post positive information about yourself and let people know about you and who you are.

Given the chance I would definitely brand my name.

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I already started doing this a couple of years ago.
Now, most of the results on the first page are related to me when someone types my name. The thing is my name isn't very popular but not unique either, there are other named just like me and aren't even close to the first place of Google.
I'm in the first place with my: Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog, an old website of mine and a couple of pictures.
In essence this is what I wanted and I guess these are the benefits of being a SEO specialist.

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Nice idea especially for online selling,you need to station your name on a platform or predestal that would show you're an active name online.This will help advertiser to patronize your brand.

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I couldn't agree with you less on the need for online marketers to get their name branded with the business they do. One key advantage of that, as you rightly pointed out, is that this helps to market the person's name, thus making he/she brand that people will want to identify with which is really a great way to improve sales of one's products/services.

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Just like in the real world, of course we want to have a good name that we can be proud of. That’s the motto of my father that he taught us. In the internet, a name with a good reputation gets noticed. In one forum where the admin gave me a bad rating, I posted in the complaints board about it. Several users reacted to my favor, saying they knew me for a long time and my reputation can speak for myself. That’s very flattering to read.

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When I was enrolled in an online writing program, my instructor told me that I should build my brand. She told when I build a brand
I will get more customers, more traffic, more sales. Building a brand will also help me build a fan following. Since then I have been trying to promote myself through social media, various forums as well as my own blogs and websites. One of the reasons why I use my real name everywhere is because I want to establish my brand.

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