A few reasons you should think about starting up a website

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A few reasons you should think about starting up a website

Starting up a website is no easy task when you aren't sure what you're doing, but that shouldn't stop you! Putting up a website is easier today than it was a few years ago since there are amazing systems out there that can streamline everything. Hell, you can even pay someone a few bucks to get everything up and running while you just add content every other day A few reasons you should think about starting up a website People today always think that the tech industry is daunting since you need to know programing and coding in order to make a website, but that's not true at all. Look at me, I don't know more than the basics of both programming and coding but I can get a website up in a day by using Wordpress and a premium theme.

Here are some reasons to start your own website

Reason 1: Locking in your name
You can register a domain name that is the same as your own name if it's still available. This will allow you to hold your own name from being registered on a domain registrar like GoDaddy even if you don't want to put a website on it. But what I would suggest is putting up a website about yourself and putting some adsense code on it just in case your name gets huge and people start to register it A few reasons you should think about starting up a website

Reason 2: Online Resume
Having an online resume is getting bigger and bigger in todays world since it's easier to get a website up and running. I actually have an online resume that I was using a few years ago when I was submitting applications to fortune 500 companies looking for people to help with their SEO campaigns. I submitted a normal resume to them and added my website URL so they could see that I'm not just typing on a sheet, I actually know what I'm doing and they should hire me for $500,000 a year. But sadly that never happened and no one wanted to give me the amount I wanted lol.

Reason 3:
For Fun
You can set up a website using your own domain name just for fun. You can add loads of pictures of yourself with friends and family so that everyone can come and look at it. Think of it as a photo album that people will remember, since the domain is your name then they can easily type it into their address bar and find your pages.

Reason 4: Learning Purposes
Employers want their new hires to have as many skills as possible. If you have your own website up and running you can test out coding things with it just as a practice attempt to create something great. You can learn how to code and program through free programs such as codeacademy and apply what you've learned to your own website. If you get good enough you might even be able to look for a job in the coding and programming world A few reasons you should think about starting up a website I was going to do this but I started steering towards the online marketing aspect of working online since I didn't have the patience for code lol.

Reason 5: Making Money
A lot of people start putting up websites in order to make money online. Now a lot of these people are going to fade away since they will just apply method after method without sticking to one thing and making money with it. The great thing about you setting up a website is that you may not need another source of income, but wouldn't it be nice to have one? You can set it up so you are paying a content writer to submit at least 1 article per day for $5 that is optimized for your keywords. Over time you could actually be getting a load of traffic due to all the content and that's when you monetize your traffic A few reasons you should think about starting up a website You can put up affiliate links or some adsense strips that pay you per click, it's up to you. In a few years you can even sell your website, which is loaded with quality content, for a good amount of money. I've heard stories where people have article writers post every day and after a few years they sell the website for $100k or more. Now this is a rare case, but it can definitely happen if you do some research prior to just jumping in A few reasons you should think about starting up a website

In conclusion, it's always good to have a website of your own up and running for various reasons. I kind of fell into online marketing and I haven't looked back, maybe you'll fall in love with it to. You never know if your idea is going to be the next million dollar sale and get your that dream house you've always wanted A few reasons you should think about starting up a website

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I remember the very first website I started up, it was a fan website for a singer I liked back when I was 15 so the site was set up for fun purposes only but it opened up a whole new world of learning for me just having my own fan site for fun. From having that site I was able to learn basic HTML and how a website worked and it was a lot of fun for me to have my own site.

I agree with you Razzy, there are a lot of reasons for you to have a website, one reason I would definitely put forward is for learning purposes as you stated. You can never learn too much and creating your own website does open up a whole world of learning even for a beginner, I was only a beginner when I opened up the fan website I had and now my knowledge in SEO and even HTML is higher than I thought it would be.

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Hi razzy great subject to discuss and yes having a website can be such good fun. Years back I only use to make website wit free services like weebly to blogspot and so on. Till A the other year I started getting own domains and hosting packages. I now have a number of sites and forums . Also sell domains I have learned so much and I really enjoy building websites and blogs.

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I would start my own website, of course very low price with shared hosting plan. I can place wordAds for my WordPress for monetization.
Besides ,I can use it's CMS template to build up a CMS portfolio to help me selling my own digital products.

For blogger, I will try to gain visitors there and apply for Google Adsense for monetization.

Later, I will help my friend to do freelance job about CMS so I will need to build a website for that purpose.

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I had been writing online since 2010, however, I created my first self-hosted blog only in 2015. I wrote for Helium, Squidoo, and Bubblews. All of these sites were shut down. I lost contents. If I had published my contents on my own blog, I would still have them with me. Thus I decided to have my own website. I am also on hubpages. I make money on hubpages, however, I have to share my earning with hubpages. if these articles had been published on my own blog, I would have hot to split my earnings.

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I think I like the fun reason. Isn’t it nice to have a website of your own to contain something about yourself and then about your hobby. Or maybe it can be converted into a site that is like a blog but it really isn’t. Or perhaps that’s where you can post your photos and captions instead of in the social media. A friend was actually thinking of that with the many reactions his posts get in social media. What if he has a website and he still gets the same numerous reactions, that is traffic and traffic means money. Nice idea.

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