Great tools to find Long Tail Keywords in any niche

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Great tools to find Long Tail Keywords in any niche

Long Tail Keywords (LTKs) are very important for ranking in the search engines. Many people try to target short keywords and that is the reason why they fail to rank higher in the search engines because the level of competition is very high for short keywords. Long tail keywords can help you to increase your conversions as well because people searching for long tail keywords are far more specific and focused on that topic. In this post I will share some of the tools that you can use to find the long tail keywords for better SEO-

1) Google Auto-Suggest- The autosuggestion tool of the Google search is the first and free tool to find long tail keywords just type in some short keyword and it will suggest you with a lot of ideas. For example If you just type “How to” in the Google search box. You will automatically see a lot of ideas generating automatically.
2) UberSuggest- UberSuggest is a fantastic free tool to find out long tail keywords. You will also get the competition and the search volume for that keyword using this tool. It is also a great tool for generating ideas for your blog posts or articles.
3) LongTail pro- This is a paid tool but it is really worth buying if you are a professional marketer or blogger. It will help you find those small nuggets of gold that no one haven’t seen yet. Previously there was a software which you have to download on your pc. But now everything is cloud based.
4) Answer the Public- This is one of the best free tools I have seen so far. It gives you all the long tail keywords related to a short keywords in a very attractive chart form. You will definitely love using this tool.

5) HitTail- This is another paid tool for find Long tail keywords. It is a great tool specially for those having an ecommerce site or a business blog. It will help you get more targeted traffic by suggesting you the most profitable keywords that you should target.
6) Wordtracker Keyword Tool- This is another keyword tool which provides you a lot of information in addition to the search volume and monthly search volume like Keywords effectiveness index and keyword in the anchor text. With a free account you will be able to get 100 keyword results. After taking the paid options you can get 2000 results which I don’t think you will need. :-)
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Awesome! Just awesome! I've done a similar post like this in the past on here but not like this one. One question I have, can any of these sites tell you what the search volume or competition is for those keywords as well? So you actually know whether they are worth targeting or not like? I guess where some of them, like HitTail suggest you the most profitable keywords are. I just tried it though and despite it saying "Try for free" once you're signed up and actually do a search, they want you to upgrade to show you them. I guess it's not free and that was just a trick for which I have no respect for. I don't like being tricked and I can't really justify spending money on something that should be free. At least if you only intend on using it once a month or something. Will check out the other ones as well though. Some I've already used before like UberSuggest but there's a couple others there that might be worth checking out and seeing how they work. Thanks for the share though. Always good to know about these. Great tools to find Long Tail Keywords in any niche



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I have used Google auto suggest but not others. I have heard about some of these tools, and some of the tools are entirely new to me. At this moment, I may not try the paid tools, but I am willing to try free tools such as ubersuggest and answer the public.

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One friend told me that Google has a complete array of tools and products that can give us what we need for SEO methods. With the keyword I guess the Google auto suggest can be of help when doing analysis for the most effective keyword that you can use for uploading your content. To be frank, I don’t think it is worth the time to do a complex search for a keyword. Just think of a key phrase that is the exact description of your new content and that’s it for me.

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