Many say don't use article re-writers

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Many say don't use article re-writers

Many people say "don't use article re-writers on others sites" this is something I would not do anyway . But what if you re-write your own work .

Say for example I write my blog and say it just needs a touch would it be a great Idea to use a article re-writing website to re-write my content and put the re-write version in its place. Would anyone recommend that to make it look more representable .


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The way I look at this is, if you steal someone else's work and then re-write it then that's not professional. Google usually doesn't appreciate it when you take other people's content and re-write it. Many re-write other's content for an easy solution to getting content on their blog or site.

When it comes to re-writing your own content I don't see this being such a huge problem. Your content is already unique and created by you and all you are doing is re-writing it to look a little better than what you already had written out. This would be the only time I would use a re-writer if I was to use it on my own work, not on someone elses work.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I always get annoyed when I across spun content. It’s usually
very obvious that an article rewriter has been used, because, while the synonyms
used may be grammatically correct, the sentences are simply not structured the way that real people talk.

If you want to rewrite something, I would stick to doing it manually; you will get far
better results than any software could ever achieve.

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I'm not sure how an article could look more presentable with an article rewriter. You'll just get a different version of the same work but not necessarily a better one. Relying on article rewriters to add the finishing touches to your work will not help you improve your writing skills at all if that is what you want to accomplish.

I'm aware though that there are seo practitioners/writers who use article rewriters to create tons of content in such a short time or to lessen the redundancy of articles within a site. If it's their own work, I don't think this is unethical unless it's been disallowed by the client. The content mill I'm working with don't allow us to use article rewriting software but clients would sometimes require us to provide web articles with spinning syntax.

Anyway, this article rewriter thing had been gravely abused by some. I've been with a surgery forum in the past and I noticed one of the posters spinning the message of another poster. It was too obvious to be missed by someone like me because I always try to read the other posts on a thread. It was a shocker.

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I don’t seem to fully understand this topic. But if you mean writing a content that you want to be edited by a re-writer, that doesn’t sound like a good idea. Why lose your personality in your writing? Are you not confident of your writing ability that you will be needing someone or a tool to re-write what you have written? If that is the case then probably what you need is an editor who can check your manuscript for corrections and give you pointers for rephrasing some of the lines. At least you can learn from that editor.

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