10 Things to Remember On Your Journey as a Freelancer

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10 Things to Remember On Your Journey as a Freelancer

10 Things to Remember On Your Journey as a Freelancer
As a freelancer, as human beings, we all need dreams. We all need inspiration and motivation. It's what drives us on to do better! It's what helps us get out of bed in the morning (next to paying your bills and putting food on the table). But here's 10 things to remember and tell yourself every day if you are striving to find success in your freelance career. Or just in life!

1. Never be afraid to follow your dreams! No matter how hard or impossible they may seem to achieve! Everyone needs dreams to be motivated in their life. To get up out of bed in the morning! Even the largest entities and corporations that exist today all started with a small dream. Steve Jobs had a dream. Bill Gates had a dream. Malcolm X had a dream...

2: Got goals? Write them down! Literally write them down and stick them next your computer so you can see them every day. I do this for things I want. I'll cut them out of the paper or a magazine and stick them on my wall next to my computer. Then when I'm idling, I can look at them and remember why I'm sitting here in the first place!

3: Be the boss of yourself. Even if you do work for someone else! And if you run your own business, run your business! Don't ever let your business run you! Although that's easy to happen. The point is, it's best be in control of your business and not the other way around as much as you can help it.

4: Make friends with like minded people. They are two different types. If possible, try to surround yourself with like minded friends. Friends that share the same passions, interest and goals. Friends that will hold you accountable for reaching, or not reaching, your actual goals that you want to succeed in.

5: Get inspired every day! Even if it's just watching some inspiring, motivational video. Or listening to that one song that inspires you to be a better person. Or even if it's reading a book (even though you've already read it). Or just listening to a podcast or something. Never go a day without being inspired!

6: Learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Take the time out of your day if you can to learn from those entrepreneurs you admire the most. What is it about them that inspires you? Learn from them and reflect their successes as much as you possibly can. That way you'll find it easier to actually have the same success.

7: Listen to what your bones are telling you. Or your gut. Those "gut instincts" you have. That little voice deep down inside you that you know is right. Listen to that voice. It's your sub-conscious speaking and our subconsciousness are super intelligent as opposed to our normal consciousness.

8: Learn to move on. Not every business is a success. It's all about trial and error. You can spend days, weeks, months, even years analysing all of the broken pieces on the floor. Or you can just sweep them up and move the hell on! Failure doesn't have to mean tragedy. Learn from it and avoid making the same mistakes again.

9: Always celebrate your successes. Whether it's with a bottle of champagne or treating yourself to a curry. Never let a success go uncelebrated in some way. Life it too short and there are no Mulligans in real life! Enjoy your success and celebrate them. Now you'll actually enjoy success instead of just saying "Okay I done it".

10: Stand up and be counted! Live the life you most dream of. You might not be living on a super yacht yet and sailing off to Dubai for the weekend, but you live your life as though that is what you are intending to do. The power of intention is a very powerful thing! Intend it - make it a reality!


No matter who you work for, you are your own man. You are the boss of you. Sure you might work for someone else and have to do things they tell you to do. But you'll still always be your own man. You'll still ultimately be your own boss. But knowing these things and living them will go on to make you a more successful person, and a more successful freelancer too!

Do you tell yourself these things and remember them from time to time?

What other things like these do you like to tell yourself and remember that motivate and inspire you?


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I super agree with #2 10 Things to Remember On Your Journey as a Freelancer

I write down my ideas and goal for said ideas all the time. I have a file on my laptop that I go to whenever I have time for a new project. Some of these are quick and painless while others take months to set up. Sometimes they're good ideas that make me nothing in return while the others are basic and make me a good passive income 10 Things to Remember On Your Journey as a Freelancer

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Thanks Raz yeah you know it! And same mate. The only thing about digital notepad files is that sometimes they get forgotten about and it's only when I'm rifling through that I remember something that I was working on or at least planning to put into action and sometimes I can forget about them for a while. That's good and bad as it's good to find them and think, ah, that's a good idea to try and complete but bad because it means I might forget them. Honestly, I need to keep a notepad file to remind me of my notepad files! LOL 10 Things to Remember On Your Journey as a Freelancer

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One of my goals when I finished college was to work as a freelancer. Many laughed at me when I told them what I would like to do. When college was over I got a job but I didn't quite enjoy doing it. There were no challenges and the job was quite boring. This is when I started writing online. I also found other ways to earn online. I then started setting goals and at first it was difficult for me to reach some of the goals. However, with time I started setting more realistic goals and was able to achieve most of them. This was mainly because I was more confident in myself and I was well versed in what I was doing. I now have long term and short term goals. I am presently working hard to achieve a long term goal. I hope that I am successful.

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I agree with the goal setting it always works. You just have to focus on what you wish to see. And then take steps on that direction. This way you can complete a lot of goals. I have seen that though in some cases freelancing may take a lot of your time. You have to keep on saving the money until it reaches the bigger pot. And that's something you have to realize when it comes to the freelancing. Goals and the ability to keep hitting them on and on. That's how the success is going to be closer to you.

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I tried a regular job briefly, however, I have been a freelancer for most of my life. I started freelancing in 2006. It has been 10 years since I am earning my livelihood by freelancing. In my experience, freelancing will never make you rich, however, you can live well. How much you can earn depends on your skills. If writing is all you do, then you might not earn much, however, if you have specialized skills like SEO, digital marketing, web designing, graphic designing, you might earn more.

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This is so motivating this morning, yes,I have always told myself that failure signify just one thing pick up more knowledge and get moving and this has been helping me,most times I feel low when the jobs are not forthcoming but I try to do my best so that I have referrals from clients that I have worked for already, this has been helping me.The best bet is to try to be good, push yourself to be the best and clients would come looking for you.

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In any regular endeavor, there is the so called off day which means we are not in the right mood. In a job, it's the same condition that our output is not that good. But if we are inspired, it will be easier to work and our efficiency is at the peak. That's why it is important to be inspired every day so we can maintain the good quality of our work.

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