How to get back the old pattern of avg. monthly searches on Google

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How to get back the old pattern of avg. monthly searches on Google

The Google keyword planner has changed a lot in the past few years. Previously it was the Google keyword tool. Then it changed to the Google keyword planner and it is running updates so that no one cannot use it for free.

So, if you are new to keyword research then Google keyword tool was the best free keyword research tool in the market a few years ago. But now it is now the same situation anymore.

If you have an AdWords account only for doing keyword research by using the keyword research tool then you are not going to get the accurate results. It was inaccurate in the past. But now it has become more inaccurate. Especially for the free users.

If you are not running any AdWords campaign then you are not going to see the average monthly searches data as past. Now it show ranges in the multiple of 10 like 1-10,10-100,100-1000,1000-10K,10K-100K etc. So, it really becomes a pain to find the actual number of searches for a particular keyword. Previously it showed the data more specifically like -214,5000,81000 etc.

So, how are you going to solve this problem? Well, If you are using AdWords to run ads then you don't need to worry much just run a campaign and it will show it to you.

But if you are using it specifically for doing keyword research then I have a solution for you which is very easy and free to use.

First, you need to download the extension called "Keywords Everywhere".

If you are using Chrome then go to Chrome Store and if you are using Firefox go to Firefox Addons. Or, you can do a simple Google search for the term "Keywords Everywhere" and go to their official website and download it.

When downloading you will have to put your email address. Make sure you use a real email id because they will be sending you an API key without which it will not work.

So, after downloading the extension Click on the extension appearing in the upper right-hand corner. And then click on update settings. After that put your API key which you will get in your inbox and click on validate. Then you are ready to go. Just search for any keyword on Google and you will get the average monthly search data below it.

If you want the data for multiple keywords you go the Google Keyword Planner. Then type in the desired keyword as you do in the normal keyword research in the keyword planner. And get all the results and suggestions. You will see an download option at the top. Just click on it and download as a
Then type in your desired keyword and get the suggestions. Then download them as .csv file.

After downloading open the .csv file and the select all the keywords in the keywords column. Then go to your Browser (Chrome or Firefox) and click on the extension again. Click on Bulk upload keywords. Then just paste all the keywords that you copied from the .csv file. And click on get search volume and CPC and boom! You will get the exact search volume without running any AdWords campaign or be using any other paid keyword research tool.

Hope this was helpful. Please let me know whether it helped you or not.


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Hi there mate thank you for the heads up about google and the keyword planning tool . I will try the keyword everywhere you suggested and let you know if I need any help. Thank you again am glad I saw this post How to get back the old pattern of avg. monthly searches on Google .

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Thanks for the information that you shared with us. I think this is very helpful for those website owners who are doing the keyword stuffing for their SEO work. I understand that keywords are now getting important with some website owners since they see results much earlier than other SEO methods that they do. And I didn’t know that there is such a thing as keyword planner which will make the use of keywords easier.

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