A Bad Niche - Is there such a thing?

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A Bad Niche - Is there such a thing?

A bad niche is always in the back of peoples mind when they're thinking of a new website they want to set up. Can there be a bad niche out there? Well it's possible, but who's to say your niche is bad... I've done plenty of keyword research based on specific niches that I wanted to crack into and some turned out to have a lot of searches while others had very little. What does a bad niche consist of it it's possible?

Is it possible?
If you love what you're writing about on your website and the products you have on there but they don't sell much, is that a bad niche or bad marketing? It really depends on if you love what you're doing and if you need the money I guess. I don't really think something can be labeled as a bad niche if it doesn't have a lot of search traffic. If you got into the niche because you wanted to get rich, but you didn't make sales and now you say it's bad, I think that's just bad research prior to jumping in lol.

What do you consider a bad niche?
I don't know if I have a bad niche, but I do know that I have some hatred for specific people within niches. The people that I'm not a huge fan of are the ones who prey on the weak or needy. The people who go out of their way to get users to open up their wallets in order to make a purchase because the website owner spun a web of content to convince the user that they needed this new system or item in order to be a billionaire by tomorrow.

Is it my website or the niche?
Well a lot of times when someone is complaining about their conversions it's usually due to their websites design and not the traffic their getting. If you're getting traffic from the search engines, paid or organic, you will get sales or sign ups if the design is good. If you have a garbage looking website that has the cookie cutter design of the 90's then you're probably wasting your money on ads and that's why you think it could be a bad niche. Update your website so it's modern and you'll see a jump in sales and have a renewed faith for your niche.

How do I know if I'm in a low trafficked niche?
Well that's pretty simple actually, all you have to do is think about how many people know what you're selling or writing about. If you're selling something that is like a chemical for potting soil and it's all technical, then it may be a small niche. But the beauty of this is that you can dominate it and get 90% of the traffic and usually get big sales because of the niche being small. There are some exceptions to this, like SEO for example. I will tell loads of people what I do and they have no clue what I'm talking about, but the niche is massive and hard to crack because of all the competition fighting for the traffic. To figure out exactly if you're in a low trafficked niche you can set up an adwords campaign and type in your main short tailed keywords. After you type in your main short tailed keywords you'll get an estimated search volume, this is how you'll tell. If the search volume is low, like 100 to 500 a month, then you're in a low trafficked niche. If your main keywords have 30k or more searches then you're in a high trafficked niche.

In conclusion, I don't think there is such thing as a bad niche but I do think there is just bad research being done and then people complaining about not being successful overnight lol. If you like what you're writing about or selling, then the niche is good for you. If your niche has low traffic, it's not necessarily bad, it could be a gold mine for specific product.

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This opinion might be a little bit too simple but I think if your goal is to make money and you choose a niche with low traffic and low prices, this is a bad niche.
If you are just passionate and don't need the money, then I think you should go ahead if that makes you happy and is something positive for the community A Bad Niche - Is there such a thing?

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There are bad niches if you have specific goals, yes. But that doesn't make it a bad niche in general.

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Before i choose a niche i like to guess how much trouble it will cause if i advertise shady, scammy grap i'm going to have my work cut out for me and i'll never know when that market will disappear. It could happen in years time or next week i'll never know. I like to stick to save things that will be around forever and aren't full of technical problems. Obviously super popular niches like tv's treadmills i won't touch with a ten foot pole because i know for a fact that i won't be able tu put in enough hours to make them succeed.

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The only bad niche that I can think of are those that overstep the morality and legality. And even if the pornographic sites are getting a lot of traffic, I still don’t think it is a good niche in terms of morality. But other than those against the morals, any niche is probably good depending on how you handle it. One betting site projects their business as a game of skill and not simple gambling. That’s a good one in my books.

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