Facebook and G+ Likes and Follower Jacking - Why you should avoid it.

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Facebook and G+ Likes and Follower Jacking - Why you should avoid it.

Getting facebook likes and google plus followers is an easy thing to do if you have traffic and it's targeted. But there are some people out there that want to do something called "Jacking" and that is when they get a like or follow without the person knowing. It's a bad way to run a business and you'll never really be profitable in the long run if you keep it up.

Facebook likes can be expensive to get through facebooks ad platform, but they're extremely worth it since they are super targeted and you can basically get an ad in front of anyone who likes your page. If you're paying for an ad and you want to generate likes by sending them to your business or website page on facebook, you can do so for a price. the price varies from niche to niche because it depends on how much competition you have. The more competition you have, the more it will cost. So if you're in the competitive basket weaving niche you can expect to pay very little compared to the credit card niche lol. Even if the person who likes your page doesn't sign up or buy something right away, it's not a big deal because you can get posts in front of them regularly. The power of facebook likes is in the long run, you should treat them as gold and get them legitimately.

Like jacking has been around for a while, and it never really lasts long on facebook because you'll just get banned. Sure you can get a few additional likes here and there, but your time is limited and your account may be deleted. I'm not just talking about your website or business page, your personal profile will be deleted as well as your IP address burned in their system and added to the blacklist file. You won't be able to make a new profile because you broke a pretty big rule in life, and that's not to take advantage of others. Get your likes the right way and your following will bless you with everything you've wanted. People are pretty loyal and they remember when they like something, so don't abuse them.

Follow jacking is done a lot on Google plus and it's almost the same thing as like jacking on facebook. You should also avoid this because it's not in good ethics to do it. Your followers will know if they followed you and if they think you did something to get their follow without their knowledge, they will voice their opinion about it. If even one person opens their mouth about how they think you're a bad website, person, company, etc. that can ruin your entire business plan and you'll have to start over. And we all know that starting over is never a good thing because it takes countless hours to set up something that you plan on running for a while.

In conclusion, run your business and website legitimately and don't take advantage of your visitors. Your traffic came to your website because they liked what you wrote or saw something they liked and it drove them to your pages. If you treat them well and like a friend, they will treat you the same in return. Avoid using any type of like jacking thing and run your business the right way.

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I have never actually heard of jacking, what does that involve? Does paying for likes over seoclerks and similar services to get likes or follows fall into this category as well? Mind explaining a bit more?

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Jacking? OK. I didn't know there was a name for that kind of activity, but I aware that it was happening.

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I never heard about jacking before. In fact I have been able to grow my Facebook page due to advertising and my friends have also helped me to increase my number of followers by requesting others to join my page. I have been able to increase my customer base due to Facebook.

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Never knew about the exact name game bloogers play with all the time okay it called follow jacking.Just learned a new one today.I was always considering how they did it.You 'll be surprised that a site you never liked or followed will start showing up on one's account and it was always annoying to me especially if it on a niche I don't even like.I think it is a good thing that such acount are banned and deleted.It wasn't worth it after-all.

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Pardon me if I am mistaken in my understanding of Jacking. There was a time that my husband asked me why I liked that Eden Cheese advertisement on Facebook, He said that my name appeared on top of the advertisement which said I liked it. That made me wonder because never in my life did I click like on any advertisement on Facebook. In fact, I ignore all advertisements. Now, is that because of Jacking that made it appear that I liked the marketing post?

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