Don't believe the "10k a day method" gurus.

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Don't believe the "10k a day method" gurus.

Whenever I'm browsing facebook I always run into these random ads from pop up websites claiming they have found the secret solution to make easy money online and that they are willing to "share" their secrets with you. Do you really think that if they have a cash generating machine they are going to give thousands of people access? NOPE! You're just buying into someones hype and getting sold because they wrote their content well.

Why I hate these ads
Whenever I'm browsing facebook I'll see the website on the ad and go to the wayback machine to check out if the design is brand new or if it's old. I would just do a whois search but the domain could have been owned by someone for a few years, but they may have never used it. I would say that roughly 95% of the time these websites are brand spankin new and all these people are doing is trying to get you to sign up and pitch you some crap they just read on a forum. They learned the system, setup, method, etc. for FREE on an open forum but are now setting up ads targeting people they think will sign up and spend some cash. It's sad actually, it makes me think that these people failed at everything else they have tried and are now just picking on people who are interested in working online.

The people behind the ads
These guys and girls may know what they're talking about, but they aren't doing this so you can benefit from them. They want your money, it's that simple and you can tell because they won't answer anything on their ads if you ask. They will just say "Well you can contact us here lol. They will also remove any comments that are seen as negative because they don't want their ad to go bad. Someone can question exactly what they are doing, an example of this is when I saw someone running a dropshipping class and all I asked was "So is this just Aliexpress + Shopify?" and my comment was deleted almost instantly lmao. They don't want people who know what they're doing to see the ad, but their targeting is never on point. If they really knew what they were doing, I wouldn't be seeing the ad on my newsfeed lmao Don

The courses they are selling
These courses, even though they are very simple, might be useful. Now you may think I'm a hypocrit right now, but I'm not lol. If someone doesn't know how to do anything online and sees the ad, it could be helpful to sign up for a $500 a month class to learn. I guarantee the people teaching the courses won't mention anything about an open marketing forum where their students can learn for freeee lol. These courses are good for people on facebook, because if someone is on facebook looking for an online marketing course, they're an easy mark. Sure you can sell a class on how to build backlinks to a website or how to optimize a homepage, but I don't see the student retention being very high, unless you're targeting 90 year olds who just want you to hold their hand through everything.

In conclusion, if you read something online and you get your hopes up, sit down and think about what they system could cover. DO NOT THINK OF HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE!!!! If you think "Well, if I take this class or seminar I can learn how to make an easy $1,000 a day" you will be extremely disappointed because it won't happen and then you'll get depressed because you paid for something that did not help you out how you expected it to. Almost every ad you see that is selling an online marketing or "How to make $X,XXX per day" can usually be learned for free online.

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We have a saying here that when it is too good to be true then it is not true. I have also seen several of those types of advertisement by the so called experts but not really about earning money. When it comes to secrets in making money online, there is no such thing especially when they say it is easy. I agree that their target is your money and ignorance so we should always beware of such ploys by strangers. For me, anything that I don’t completely know in the internet can be a trap.

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