Can we exchange money/fund here at SEOClerks ?

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Can we exchange money/fund here at SEOClerks ?

Recently SEOClerks made a lot of updates here and they also updated their rules for buyer and seller. However, I want to exchange fund from my SEOClerks to my Google wallet. I am thinking to make a WTT about this. But I am not sure if SEOClerks accept this type of WTT ?? I don't want to be banned here so I want to know if we can exchange fund here. If you know anything about this matter then please let me know if we can exchange fund here !!
thanks in advance.


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Hmmm so you want to convert your SEOClerks funds to your Google wallet funds right? I don't think that is available to do here right now. It would be good if that was a payment option as I know there's quite a lot of people that use Google Wallet (although I don't personally use it much). Currently the only withdraw options are Paypal, Payoneer, Payza (often disabled) and Bank ACH/Wire via Hyperwallet. I'm not sure that it would actually even be allowed saying that, to make a WTT for that kind of thing as that's not really what the WTT section is for. It's more for doing something or giving something in exchange for something else and not for getting funds in one format (Google Wallet) in exchange for another. But you was right to ask on here first but I really don't think that kind of thing is allowed as there could be some problems with it and that would open a whole can of worms!

If you still want to know for sure, you could open a new support ticket and ask but I'm fairly sure they'll tell you the same thing.

Can't hurt to ask first though! Can we exchange money/fund here at SEOClerks ?

Hope this helps!


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Money exchanges are not allow. You can withdraw your funds or if the funds are from a cancelled service, you can contact the helpdesk to get a refund.

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Thanks to you all for your reply. I will contact SEOClerks helpdesk about this matter.
If SEOclerks will have an option to withdraw our earnings through Google Wallet then it will great for us. Because PayPal is not available on some countries like Bangladesh.


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