Choosing WordPress CMS for SEO benefit

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Choosing WordPress CMS for SEO benefit

If you use WordPress blog to publish content.
You can change permalink structure with WordPress from to
You can add seo friendly titles for your contents.
You can also add unique Meta Descriptions by adding related plugin which will help you in terms of SEO.
You can generate an XML Sitemap using plugin which can be submitted to Google webmaster tools to get more benefit.
You can use categories and tags. Add categories to menu which will help in better site structure.


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Hello Apalu
Have a wonderful day.

By your opinion everything is true. By plug in wordpress now a days CMS make historical change in case of website built. Now a days by using plug in of seo this is very easy to rank a website on search engines by wordpress. On page and off page optimization became easier for any word press user.


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I am using wordpress on all of my sites. Wordpress is not only easy to use open source content management system, but also highly constomiziable content management system. You can do anything on your website through plugins. Good thing about wordpress is every thing is free, from themes to plugins. Of course there are paid themes and plugins, but free themes and plugins are also better. One of the best things about using wordpress is there ar evarious seo plugins. The best one is YOAST.

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I have been seeing the term “SEO friendly” from time to time. What exactly is an SEO friendly title? Is it a deviation from the niche or from the ordinary title? For instance my blog has a niche of pets. My article for today is about stray dogs. What kind of title should I make for it that can be considered SEO friendly? Do I have to think of the search engines when I think of a title for my article?

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