12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss and What to Look out For

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12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss and What to Look out For

Hello all. Okay so earlier on I posted 12 Outstanding Personality Traits Every Great Boss Should Have today. And in that guide you can learn a lot about what kind of traits a great boss should have, as well as learn those traits that can go on to make YOU a great boss to work for. Even as a freelancer. Well here I'm going to do another of the same thing but flip it on its head and do the opposite to that with 12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss! And by "bad" I mean horrible, nasty, rubbish, depressing and annoying. Lord knows, we've all worked for bosses like that in the past right? And by knowing these 12 annoying and horrible traits of a bad boss, you'll learn not to ever be like that yourself, and what to look out for in one!

12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss and What to Look out For??

1: They Are Too Controlling
Some bosses just don't know when to let go and don't let their employees of the leash enough. They need to have full control over every little thing and can't relinquish that control back to the employee even though they can do it just fine on their own. Like get off my back man!

2: They Are Stubborn
Some bosses just can't admit to being wrong, even when they are shown point blank that they are. Some are also so stubborn that they wont do something differently even if they are shown that way is better, cheaper, simply because they are too stubborn headed to!

3: They Are Indecisive
Some bosses just aren't cut out to be a boss period. Because a good boss is someone that is able to make decisions on the fly. But a bad boss is often very indecisive and unsure about what they want or what's right for the good of his business.

4: They Are Resistant
That is to say, resistant to change or changing. If they are stubborn then they are probably going to be resistant too. They can't seem to understand that the change is going to be a good thing and even if they did, they might not do so unless it was their idea in the first place.

5: They Micromanage Everything
Some bosses aren't able to delegate tasks to other people and that have to micromanage every task for themself, by themself killing their employess personal growth within the company and demoralizing the whole workforce because of it

6: They Lead by Fear
Have you ever worked for a boss through fear? That's a sucky boss to work for! But still, some people (bosses) think that you need to rule with an iron fist. What is this the cold war? No! Bad bosses lead through fear. Great bosses lead through respect!

7: They are Visionless
Have no clear vision, dream or plan will take you nowhere fast! Great leaders in history have always had a vision. Have you ever heard the expression "if you can see it then you can achieve it"? Good bosses have a vision and can see and think clearly through the long term.

8: They Show Favouritism
We already showed how playing favorites can demoralize the whole workforce. And while it's good to have favorites, a bad boss doesn't treat everyone as equal and rewards those favorites more than others. Although, a bad boss doesn't reward anyone, including their favorites when they do well.

9: They Are Arrogant
Arrogance is one of the ugliest personality traits anyone can have period! Pride cometh before a fall! A haughty look, a froward heart doth the Lord despise. Yet you get many bosses that are so arrogant it's almost unbelievable! I don't mind some subtle boasting and braging of achievements but blind arrogance is just moronic IHMO.

10: They Are Always Angry LOL
Some bosses are always angry and are forever walking around the office with an angry look on their face. Their anger is infectious though, it can spread like a virus throughout the whole of the office or work force in the business. Nobody likes an angry boss - go on holiday or something!

11: They Use Emotion Not Data
Some bosses make decisions based on emotion, based on their feelings rather than the actual facts and data. I've worked for bosses like that before and it usually always ends up backfiring on them. Good bosses rule with facts and data and not by whims.

12: They Pass Blame and Take All the Credit
A bad boss will almost always pass the blame onto one of their employees if it means them getting away with it and not having to answer for or take responsibility for it. And they will take all the credit for something that went well without passing that credit to the ones that made it happen!

13: They Aren't Team Builders
Had to put this one in as I can just about live with all the others but this one is the biggest of them all. A boss that neglects to do team building is the worst boss to work for from all of them! They don't understand that the companies success is based on the companies culture. It's a no brainer really, treat your employees with respect and they will work harder and make your business grow, flourish and be successful. So any boss not doing that is not really worth working for IYAM!

Not all bosses are bad to work for. And not all of them have every one of these bad personality traits. But some do! Fortunately knowing these things is often enough to see where you're going wrong (both as a boss and as a freelancer) and then make the necessary changes so that you can be one truly awesome boss to work for! 12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss and What to Look out For

Have you ever worked for a boss with any of these bad personality traits?

Or do you know a boss that does? Send them this! 12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss and What to Look out For



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Oh my goodness, Mike, I couldn't agree more. Sometimes one wonders how they get to that position in a corporation. Nobody likes working for selfish bosses who do not take care of their staff. My husband has just tendered his resignation because he cannot tolerate his boss who possesses ALL of the bad traits you listed. Not surprisingly, the turnover rate for his role is very high.

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I know right? It boggles the mind. I think these people are wolves in sheep's clothing. Outwardly they have the appearance as though they are just humble lambs but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. They blag their way to the top by "faking it until they make it". Then when they get there, it goes to their heads and they become one or all of the traits in this list. And bosses like that usually do have a high turnover. They think they can just replace you with someone else that wants a job and then do the same for them if they ever discover their "true colors" too. You'd think they'd learn but arrogance is easier for them than humility. Good luck for your hubby, he sounds like he deserves better anyway. 12 Annoying Personality Traits of a Bad Boss and What to Look out For

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My previous boss was a very bad one. He had no people management skills. It seems as if his aim was always to demotivate us. He was always angry and shouting at us for nothing at times. He was not even mingling with the team. He never praised us for the targets we achieved. He was concerned about himself. So selfish he was. I am so happy that I left this company.

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I used to have a boss who had all the great qualifications on paper and drove an SUV to work. However, he turned out to be a dud with his poor memory and lack of in-depth technical knowledge about the department of which he was hired to be the head. It took awhile before the higher management realized his ineptness. The president of the company constantly calls for a meeting and would leave instructions to my immediate superior. Apparently, he misunderstood many instructions and relayed ones that were in conflict with existing company policies. It naturally resulted to chaos in the department.

The president would call on me from time to time as he was used to working directly with me when the company was smaller. My immediate superior resented the president's gestures and took it against me. He got especially spiteful when the president summons him after a meeting with me. I never got any commendation or salary increase from this guy in spite the hard work and achievements of the department. He didn't know how to show appreciation for his subordinates and only worked for his own gains or benefits. I quit after three years and last I heard, he was kicked out four months after I left the company. Serves him right.

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My husband once worked in a Japanese company. Their boss was so strict that all the employees were scared to make a mistake. You can imagine the tension that the employees feel everyday that the turnover is frequent. The boss wanted his employees to fear him. That is the Japanese style, he said. But we cannot agree to that.

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