12 Outstanding Traits Every Great Boss Should Have

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12 Outstanding Traits Every Great Boss Should Have

?12 Outstanding Traits Every Great Boss Should Have??

If you run your own business or company and or you're a boss to other people, then you should probably check this out as it contains most of the personality traits that you, as a boss, should have if you are to gain the respect and admiration of your employers. Anyone that's a boss should read and know these traits, so if you work for a boss, send this to him or her. Or if you just think that your boss could improve his or her personality traits as a leader, send this to them, I think they'll appreciate it and it should go on to make him/her a better boss to work for.

Bear in mind, this is more for those bosses you actually see such as in an office workspace or somewhere else. Although, this can still apply to those people that hire you for something, as technically, although you might not get a P45 for it when the works ended, they're still your boss at the end of the day! And of course, this can actually apply to YOU as a FREELANCER too. Because you're their boss when you're working for them! 12 Outstanding Traits Every Great Boss Should Have

Trait 1: They Think Positively
A good boss understand the power of positive thinking! They will look upon every situation or scenario in a positive light and find a way to learn from that so that the next time it happens, they know how to deal with it in the best way possible.

Trait 2: They Are Always Honest
A good boss is always honest and tells the truth to everyone, including employees, even if that truth hurts! This is a good trait as it's better to be open about your feelings rather than make up something so that you don't hurt the employees feelings.

Trait 3: They Can Delegate Well
A good boss knows his or her employees and knows which are able to work on their own without help from them or another employee and resists the temptation to micromanage their employees work. They know how to delegate what work and to who and why!

Trait 4: They Are a Great Communicator
Since a lot of problems that result in a work place come about from a lack of good communication. A good boss will have great communication skills and knows how to tackle most problems or tasks through good communication.

Trait 5: They Are Inspiring
When working for anyone, you will want to feel motivated to do so not just through your wage packet but through the boss as well who inspires his or her employees by being as passionate about the company as you are about it too. They verbally reward and motivate you to always do better!

Trait 6: They Focus The Team
A good boss helps his team to remain focused on the job at hand. Whether it's disallowing use of personal mobile phones or access to the Internet, they keep the team aligned on the job at hand and do so, so the long term goal can be achieved.

Trait 7: They Are Well Balanced
When people can balance their work and personal life they are often able to perform at doing tasks much better. And a good boss is able to balance well both his/her personal and working life, including the working lives of his/her employees too.

Trait 8: The Give Credit Where Credit's Due
It's good when a boss gives credit to an employee for a job well done where credit is due for it. This boosts working moral both with that single or group of employees that completed the task or job and done good work of it. It also enforces the whole workforce too!

Trait 9: They Encourage Growth
By encouraging employees to grow within the business, that is what they will likely do. And by doing so, those same employees will go on to be much more productive and efficient workers as well since they feel much more at home.

Trait 10: They Also Praise You
Just like showing encouragement to employees boosts their moral and increases their productivity and efficiency, praising them for good work done, even the smallest things, is not only a good trait for a boss to have but makes the employee much happier which is better all round!

Trait 11: They Mentor You
A great boss acts more like a personal mentor than just an employer. Where some bosses don't mingle, interact or socialize with their staff, a great boss does and instead of telling you what to do, they roll up their sleeves and show you what to do and help you to understand and do it well.

Trait 12: They Are Fair
Every boss has their favourites, but a great boss doesn't let that favouritism show through all the time by paying them more than the rest, as playing favourites can demoralize the whole workforce and everyone is equal even if they aren't hitting the same targets.

While these are all traits that Jordan has, there's still a lot of bosses out there that could learn a thing or two from this, and Jordan! But by knowing these things and being them (as a boss), it will only go on to make you an even more popular, well liked and well rounded boss than you already are! Either that or you will learn bossmanship skills from this that you will be able to apply in your lifetime, if you ever come across a time when YOU are the boss and have people working for you. Just remember these things and reflect on them from time to time.

That way you can really earn the title...

Like a Boss! 12 Outstanding Traits Every Great Boss Should Have

What other good personality traits make up a great boss to work for today?


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Another trait to look for in a good boss is one that puts himself on the team with you. He or she won't say "You guys need to finish this in order to hit your deadlines" he or she will say "We need to get this finished in order to hit our deadlines". I've always worked with managers that used "YOU" and "I" instead of "We" and it was always a sh*t show because they would never roll up their sleeves and work along side us. I'm not sure if it was a power thing or if they just didn't want to do it because they were management, but every time it ended bad lol.

The only time I've ever seen a team actually like working with their boss was when he would actually do everything they were doing and not complain about it. This was at McDonalds and he was actually the owner of the franchise. My friend said that he would come in a couple times a month if they didn't have enough employees to work for a certain shift due to time off. He would actually come in, make the burgers and fries all while not getting in peoples way and asking questions if he wasn't 100% sure what the quickest way to do something was. This showed that he was willing to get dirty with his team and wasn't afraid to ask questions when he wasn't sure. My friend said he loved it because it was an easier day to work because they were training their boss lol 12 Outstanding Traits Every Great Boss Should Have

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They are honest. I wonder if that is true because in my experience, the boss was not really honest at all. In this dog-eat-dog society, it seems that only the saints are honest. But I have to agree that you have to be honest in order to be a good boss. Next is the communication skills that is required since you are handling people.

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Sure, a boss must possess what you just listed up there nd even more but more importantly I like a boss that can teach others not a domineering one.I had a boss that I like so much, a young lady but was really friendly but firm and she believes in teaching not scolding.Some Bosses are just plain mean and wicked that one would feel like hanging them on a stack but I'm free of all that now,t least I choose my clients wisely now.

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