10 Awesome Ways to BOOST Your Daily Productivity and Productiveness Tutorial

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10 Awesome Ways to BOOST Your Daily Productivity and Productiveness

Do you ever struggle to be more productive in your daily life? Wish that you could get more done in the day time working hours so that you was more productive? Well my friends, today I'm going to present you with 10 Awesome Ways to BOOST Your Daily Productivity and Productiveness. After reading this, and applying them to your life, you should be a much better, faster, more productive person and get a lot more stuff done! 10 Awesome Ways to BOOST Your Daily Productivity and Productiveness

10 Awesome Ways to BOOST Your Daily Productivity and Productiveness

1. Lists
It all starts with a list! Lists are very very good at getting things done. Everyone uses lists from mom's to teachers to bosses to builders! It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do, but if you create a list, literally pen things down, you will already be twice as likely to complete those things that you need to do! Start by writing rough things down last thing at night and then in the morning, sharpen that list when you first sit at your desk. List things by order of priority, don't stop until you've got them done and then strike them out when you have.

2. Worst First
Although we generally want to put off doing the worst thing last, (it's a natural response for hiding from it), the best thing to do is to do the worst thing first! Everyone has those things that need doing that hang over our heads and it can seem like we'll never get round to doing it. But step up and handle the worst thing first, get it out of the way, that way you'll feel much better about yourself and it's all down hill from there on.

3. Just Do It
No I'm not advertising a Nike t-shirt. But just doing those small things that you need to do will make you feel much more productive about your day. And since they are only small things to do, they are often very quick and easy to do too. So get that marker pen out and cross them off the list. Again, after doing these small things first, you will feel much more productive about your day!

4. Make It Enjoyable
Doing chores and things can seem very humdrum and boring and mundane, but it doesn't have to be! As well as writing down your list of things "to do", why not write something next to it as a reward for doing that thing. That could be something as simple as having a break or enjoying a light snack to listening to music and more. Once you reward yourself for doing chores and other things, you'll find them much more enjoyable to do!

5. Identify Your Peak Times
Everyone has those hours of the day when they have more energy and are feeling much more up to the task. For most people it's early on in the day, but for some others it's later on in the day. Yet still for some people, it's very late in the day or even in the evening time. Identify when those hours are for you and when they come around, close your door and get stuck into doing whatever job or task you need to do.

6. Pareto 80/20
Pareto what's that? According to Google Pareto is; denoting or involving the theories and methods of the Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923), especially a formula used to express the income distribution of a society. In Layman's terms it means finding the things/projects/chores work that you need to do and deciding which is the most important or significant to do and devoting your time to these first. Basically, devote your time to the most important or pressing of things/projects/chores or work that you need to do.

7. Batch Tasks
Sometimes we have to do things like send a bunch of email or reply to some or make and or take some phone calls and things. What would be a good idea is if you can batch cluster these things together to say 3-4 batches a day, it will give you more time to focus and concentrate on the things you need to do without being so distracted by staggering out those emails and phone calls and stuff throughout the day.

8. Focus
Talking of batching things together, it all comes down to focus as well. If you can focus on one task at a time, then distractions and multitasking wont eat up at the hours of your day. Remaining focused on one task at a time until that task is done. And then crossing it off your list as it is, will make you feel much more productive, as well as be encouraging and satisfying to you when you do!

9. Optimize and Think
After all is said and done at the end of the day, think back on your day and identify the time when you was at your peak, the time when you had the most energy and got the most down. Also identify the times and most wasteful tasks you had and then keep yourself from repeating them the next day. Eventually you'll optimize and streamline your working self this way.

10. Relist It!
You might not be able to complete and tick off all the things on your list for that day, that's just the way it goes in life! That's fine! Just add them to a new list last thing at night and have a crack at them again tomorrow. As long as they are on that list, you will have a much likelier chance of getting them done had you not relisted it!

And that's 10 Awesome Ways to BOOST Your Daily Productivity and Productiveness.

Do you make use of any or all of these ways in your daily working life?

What other ways are there of boosting your productivity and productiveness?




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That's a nice list, Mike.

The hardest for me is the number 2. Just do it. It sounds so simple but yet it's so hard! I think we all have some work or tasks that we just want to put off forever. Suggesting to do these first is actually very clever because when you start you are the most concentrated and with the highest energy level/motivation. If we do the worst tasks at the end, we won't finish them and we will just postpone them.

My personal best way to boost my productivity is quite simple: eliminate any distractions from your work area.
Having possible distractions can lower your focus and the time it takes for you to finish a certain project which equals in lower productivity.

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I've been doing my work for so long and doesn't know the technique on how will it easily finish in a quicker time. I guess there's really a technique in doing my work the easy way but I've tried all of the things that would make it fast but until now, I only improved so little. I think this post that you share would make a difference for me since I find this quite right. I'll try to apply this to my work and hopefully, it will make it boost the productivity. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Have a nice day.

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This is the way to go with being productive all day. personally to be productive I avoid all forms of procrastination. I do all I need to do for the day. I don't leave anything for tomorrow and this as been helping me a lot.

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Knowing your peak times is one good way of ensuring quality work. Our efficiency depends on the condition of the body and mind such that we are usually tired at night time. But for me, I feel relaxed after dinner and I can work well until bedtime. Maybe that can be considered my peak hours since my productivity is very high.

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