seocleks site needs improvement

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seocleks site needs improvement

what a joke that its not possible to copy and paste a job i need done instead having to type the same thing over multiple times when looking for someone who can do the work i need done now thats pathetic pull your heads in seo clerks that is a vital function that employers looking for someone to do a certain job not have to retype it over and over again after contacting them and i dont want to post the job as i get bombarded for weeks on end with endless emails fix the problem pronto


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Hello mitz
Have a wonderful day.

White hat seo does not allow any type of copy paste. SEO clerks is the world best marketplace and any type of copy paste can herm SEO clerks website on searchvengine search based result or keyword based result so that it can be show down on search engine result page. For thatvreason probably they are not giving copy and paste facility on job post. Perhaps by not getting angry you can publish total dwtails of the job.

Wish you all the best.

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I don't get it, do you mean as a service? Or as a WTB? In either you are not allowed to use copy/paste/duplicate content. You never have done and never will be able to. For obvious reasons. The main one being that Centurion has just explained. Having duplicate content on the site can get you a penalty from Google and no website wants that. Surely you don't want that for the same website that puts bread and butter on your table do you?

But I still don't get it, why not just type something out? Are you that pushed for time that you can't take 5 minutes just to write something out? Or even rewrite something but in a new way in your own words. Is it really that difficult? You have to realize, this is their site and not yours. We are only patrons of this site. And we have to abide by their rules and regulations and those rules and regulations are in place for the benefit of the whole site, to protect the integrity of the site and the marketplace. Surely you understand and can respect that?

As for getting bombarded by for weeks on end with endless emails I don't see how that could be, as you can't put your email address. Unless you're talking about notifications of a new bid on your WTB? In which case, you can create a new label for them in your email settings, and or, disable notifications from your settings page?. You will want to disable this one.
seocleks site needs improvement

And if you've already hired someone from your WTB (job done) you can just go into that WTB and disable it. Just go into your WTB and click on "Cancel Bidding" on the left hand side. Simples! seocleks site needs improvement

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Sorry about your experience. I never knew it wasn't possible to copy paste on SEO clerks until I read from your post. Anyway, I feel SEO clerks is perfect the way it is.

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Copying and pasting on any site is not advisable, let alone on an earning site that Google would give a severe penalty.Nobody would allow his or her site to be penalized because of anybody, so you should understand with them.You might not know the extent of danger out of ignorance but try and read up the penalties for sites with copy and paste content on Google and you would be cleared about SEOclerks stands on this issue.

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