A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

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A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

We all get those wide diverse range of clients. From the easy to handle, to the awkward and complicated ones. The clients that make outrageous and or even unreasonable demands. Those that upset your staff, you or the whole workforce, those that don't exactly make working for them a "pleasure". And since there's so many of these clients, and they come in so many different ways and make so many different of these unreasonable or outrageous demands. Here's a few real life examples and how to deal with them when they come up.

After all, the customer is always right, right? Yeah right! A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

Here's a hint: Try to say no more often!

Client 1: Mr I'm Not Really Sure What I want.
Sometimes you get clients that aren't really sure what they want. They have a constant change of heart and say one thing on a call to you but then change what they want in an email some time later. These types of clients aren't bad clients, but they can take up a lot of time since you've already arranged something for them, put it into place and then have to cancel that work and or rearrange it for them.

How to deal with them:
If possible, try to get everything in writing what it is they want done before taking their order. After this, you should reject any major changes. Sometimes you have to think FOR people.

Client 2: Mr, Hey What's That Over There? AKA Mr I Assumed This Was Included.
Sometimes you get those clients where you deliver the work and then they say, hey I thought I was getting this as well. They try their luck in getting extra things from you based on some weak argument that if they could see it, it means they should have it too.

How to deal with them:
Again, that's why you should list out all the work you are going to do for them before they do it and get them to agree to that before the work is carried out. Only agree to doing work that's out of scope of what you would usually do with an upfront cost.

Client 3: Mr I Needed This Done Yesterday!
These types of clients usually have a general lack of awareness of the space-time-continium. They think that just presenting you with the idea of what they want is enough for you to do it in a day or so. They don't realize that some things take time to complete.

How to deal with them:
Be honest, transparent and straightforward with them about the work that needs to be done and how long it takes. Always tell them a little longer for safety sake and that way they'll be grateful if you can achieve and deliver that work before the time you said it would take. If they expect the impossible, educate them to the reality!

Client 4: Mr Everything Is an Emergency!
Sometimes you get a client who thinks they are your one and only client and that you have nothing else going on in your personal or working life and should devote all the time you have to them. They think that they are more important than other people and therefore you should give them 100% of your time.

How to deal with them:
Gently and kindly remind them that you do have other paying clients as well and that you treat everyone with the same respect and gusto. Make clear the time table to them and the deadlines to complete and deliver the work. Show them a copy of the current work report and what's been done so far and how long the rest will take until all is complete and delivered.

Client 5: Mr We Don't Have a Deadline - Oh wait, Yes We Do and It's Tomorrow!
Sometimes some clients are very demanding that they need the work done fast. So fast in fact that they expect you to stay up all night without any sleep while you work out their order. These clients often don't have a solid grasp on reality and what it takes to complete their order.

How to deal with them:
Show and tell them that there is a timeline that you need to work from and that it takes x amount of time to complete their work before taking their order if possible. Remain strong footed and well grounded in rejecting requests if it's not something you can do unless they are willing to pay extra for that.

Okay well that's 5 for now. I actually have about 15 of these to do but as always, I'll do them in bite sized chunks for you. And it's bite sized chunks that my stomach is craving right now so I'll do the rest after some dinner later on. A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

Do you ever come across clients like these? How do you deal with them? A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them


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Hello Idealmike
Have a wonderful day.

I have read the full details of several types of client's category. I love to manage the client gently every time. I do white hat seo related works and I say client the full details and maximum yime client get manage for the works.I stay honest with every client. I request them to give me some more time from expectation and try to give clients the full work. Some clients comes to hurry up mode but when I describe the full details about the work and say them to do it beatyfully I need some time and I shall update you shortly than they get manage. Its all about freelancer professionalism to manage every clients. If you have huge clients and huge works but also you have to show your professionalism to the new clients with new works.

Wish you all the best.


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Hi Centurion thanks a lot for your response! And yes absolutely, that is the best way to go about it, most clients are very easy to work with and can understand the limitations of reality and what needs to be done needs time to complete. And relaying these things back to the client in a professional and courteous way can make all the difference come time when you deliver the work between a negative and a positive rating for your work. Most negative ratings can be avoided simply by communicating with the buyer first so that there are no surprises for them. So you're absolutely bang on the money there! A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them


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Great post mike as alway, a lot of detail there and so true on the things you said. Most time you tell them about the timeline but they just want things rushed now I hate rushing as if the buyer wants a good job it takes the time you place on your services. But most of the time you get the great clients who say its ok and let you know if need extending time. I do always like communicating with the buyer and also when am buying I have communicated very well with the seller. This also creates respect on both parts buyer and seller and also confidence.

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Very true Kev! It's all about the communication. Communication is the key to good success and good ratings as well. I've had sellers that have been late in delivering the order and not even bothered to update me to tell me it's going to be a little late. I guess a lot of seller are complacent and just assume that it's all a part of it. But then when they do update it the order, it's usually only after I enquire about it. They are few and far between though but I would always update the buyer in the order if it's going to be late to let them know. I just think that's common courtesy but that's just me. A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

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Nice list of 5 type of clients I always hate. Well, maybe hate is a too strong of a word, but damn these type of clients can get the best of me sometimes. Over the years I learned to respond in a professional and chill way, but overall I lost a lot of clients because I didn't knew how to treat them and how to make everything work in my advantage.

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Ah yes! Then you sir are a perfect candidate for who this type of thing is aimed at. And hey, you're not alone! I've got that t-shirt too mate lol I used to fly off the handle but I'm as cool as a cucumber these days and use a stepping stone system to dealing with awkward clients. Basically, it's just a matter of stepping out the room, grabbing some air, composing yourself and then applying that so that you always have a professional response no matter how much they grind your gears! lol A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

And yes you can often work everything to your advantage this way too. I learned many years ago while working for a telesales company in how to turn around a conversation so that you made them feel guilty for cussing and cursing you. Basically, just put it on them without needing to retaliate in the same way and for most parts, that usually works well to your advantage too. Since most people get rowdy when they're being spoken to in that way, if you can remain cool and keep your head and deal with it professionally, that'll earn you a lot of respect. A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them

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Interesting article you've written on how I can handle my clients in a better way. I mean it is always that question of how we relate well with the people that give us the job to do and that is the question that this post has finally answered. Thank you for writing such a wonderful post on how to relate well with them.

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This was funny and educative at the same time,I do find some clients amusing. Some even want to bully into submission. I believe that. is needed is patience and hardwork. Be patience to go through all of that.Because online jobs comes with all.kind of character not even talking about those that outrightly cancel completed jobs and those that want cashback.

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It's difficult to deal with a client that requires a rush job. Even in our office, I would immediately add a disclaimer that the quality of work may suffer if the deadline is that short. I would rather miss the deadline than to submit a half-baked output. If a client would insist on the short duration of doing the work then it is better to decline than risk my reputation.

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