Paypal chargebacks and how they're unavoidable.

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Paypal chargebacks and how they're unavoidable.

So today I logged into my paypal account and I saw the little red icon that indicates to me there is a problem. I click on it and of course it's not just a dispute or a claim, it's a chargeback. Now for those of you who don't know what that is, it's when someone uses a credit card to make a purchase through paypal instead of using a paypal balance and then then file a chargeback through their credit card provider. It's an extreme pain in the ass and I'm sure a lot of sellers have dealt with it before.

How can people do a paypal chargeback?
Doing a paypal chargeback isn't rocket science, you just can't use your paypal balance. You have to use your credit card and after you get a report, item, service, etc. from the seller you would file a chargeback through your credit card company letting them know there was a fraudulent purchase. You would do this even though you made the purchase willingly and you actually like what you got. Scammers and scum do this so hopefully you aren't one of those people.

Can you tell if someone is going to file a chargeback?
Not really because the people who are upset with the service, product, item, etc. will normally contact you to see if something can be worked out. If a person has the initial plan to file a chargeback then they will treat you like you're doing everything perfect and when they get what they want, BAM! chargeback. Again, the scum of the earth do this type of thing so I hope you don't.

How much can someone charge back?
That really depends on how much your credit card balance is. If you have a $3,000 limit then you can charge that amount and file a chargeback like a horrible person would. Again, scum of the earth.

Why would someone do this?
There are various reasons someone would do this, primarily it's because they just want to save money. There are a few times that people just don't want to pay for something but want the service or item, but have the money. If someone doesn't have the money to afford one of my services I usually work something out with them, but filing a chargeback only pisses me off and it's going to be a bad day for them... for a long time.

What do you plan on doing?
Well here's where I start to get a smile on my face Paypal chargebacks and how they Since they purchased through my website where I have them add their name, email, address, websites URL and keywords I basically know everything I need to ruin them. I will call them out on facebook and tag them whenever I can, I will do the same on my other social media accounts because this takes only a few minutes of work. Usually these people will see the tags and my friends as well as followers will begin to talk on the post and create some buzz. The scammer will do one of two things: 1) They will get defensive and say I'm a liar. But since this isn't my first rodeo, I know how to take plenty of screenshots and post them easily lol. 2) After they see the posts begin to gain some traction they will message or email me asking me to remove the posts, and this is where they pay me agaiiiinnnnn. And usually I charge them double what they paid me since they were douches and trying to scam me.

In conclusion, you'll run into chargebacks if you sell something online, it's inevitable. Just do what I do and collect as much information up front before the purchase goes through just in case you need to call them out lol. Some people will see this as a negative thing and that I'm dropping down to the scammers level, but have you ever had a $2,000 chargeback hit your paypal account???? It's heart wrenching when that happens because you did a massive amount of work for nothing.

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yes i agree paypal is most easiest payment method to get charge back ever even cheaters do it to take anything and get refund easy but asking for disputes multiple time paypal will just get your account limited at any time ,

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I had dealt with this on a few occasions and I have to agree, it just ruins you to know you spent all that time working for nothing, trying to earn money only to see it disappear overnight from your PayPal.
You have a good process with the print screen and calling them on social media. I never did this and of course, no matter how many emails I've sent to the buyer he/she didn't response and I never got my money back. Thanks for the tips though, I'll remember them next time something similar happens though it hasn't for years now because I'm very careful in choosing my clients.

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