Get even more traffic with same content of your blog

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Get even more traffic with same content of your blog

You can get additional traffic with the same content of your blog with little more effort. Create PDF ebooks using your content from your blog.
Don't forget to add links inside ebook to your website using tags inside posts. Upload it to free ebook websites. When people will download your ebook & read it, they will visit your website from those links. Time will come when you will get lots of traffic after doing this for long time.


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You gave a nice technique. There are huge real search engine optimization based matter where you can increase your traffic for the lifetime from 10 search engine major based. Traffic will be keyword based and its called off page optimization to generate traffic by keyword based.

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Well yes, but that only works if your content is really good. Sticking together a bunch of different blog posts can result in an awful ebook if you ask me. I agree on the whole writing an ebook and including links to your websites, but getting all your current content together just to create a ebook isn't that good of an idea.

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Yes, well, there are many, many ways in which you can repurpose your website or blog's content. From making an eBook from them and uploading them to high authority doc sites. To making slides from it and uploading to sites like SlideShare, Scribd etc etc.

Then there's article sites too. Most good article sites don't allow duplicate content to be published on their article site that is already published somewhere else (ie; your blog). But some still do and this is a good way to repurpose your content and get some links too. Since article sites were created for the reason that webmasters could find some free content for their sites, they can take those articles and put them on their site. Under the agreement that they will keep the links/bio details intact and remaining of course.

Then there's web 2.0 sites too. While I don't advocate posting your website/blog's content on your web 2's, and suggest using completely unique content only. You can still post snippets of your articles on them and even all of it provided you are adding more content to the top and bottom of it too. I sometimes do this but only for my really big, popular articles. Get even more traffic with same content of your blog

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promoting your website with ebooks and vice versa works but don't expect too much. I have published ebooks but could not sell too many copies, even when I gave ebooks for free during the promotion period, there were not many downloads as I had expected. The lesson I learned, it is really hard to sell ebooks. Giving for free may not work as expected. I receive free books from many sites, however, after downloading the books, I never go back to these sites.

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Is it legal to make your content into an e-book? I just want to be sure because I can give this tip to my friend who has plans of writing an e-book and considering that she has a good blog then probably she can just pick out the blogs that she wanted to be in that e-book. That’s’ a neat way of re-using your content because it is a clear money-making method for a used content. I just hope that it does not overstep on any rule about plagiarism or spinning.

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