Does your forum have a staff section?

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Does your forum have a staff section?

Whenever I create a new forum I always place a staff section in the forum list. This forum will be hidden away from members and only visible to staff on the forum. I feel that having a staff section/forum is essential to running a smooth forum because then you are able to have discussions with your staff about idea's and problems around the forum and it means that all staff will be involved. It also means that all problems and ideas can be get for future reference and for you to go back to when you feel you need to.

Without a good staff team who interact properly you can run into all kinds of problems when running a forum.

Do you have a staff section on your forum?


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I really don't have a forum, but I always wanted to start one......
Having a staff section would definitely increase the forum's popularity and success.It will provide a chance to discuss about the problems and new ideas to make it better.
So it is a good idea....

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Always. If you have moderators, you need a private place to communicate about forum issues, especially if you have a busy forum. In addition, I typically have a second subforum to move reported content and posts for review and/or permanent removal instead of deleting the thread. That way, you can have a full history if you run into issues with a user or specific topic.

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I guess the staff board is important because it is one way of reporting whatever is needed to be reported. That board can also be used for posting the calendar like when the moderator will take a day off or will be working for the shift of another staff. I was lucky to have seen a staff board of a forum before when I was given the authority as a global moderator although that was only for the experience and not really as a moderator.

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