about client response

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about client response

i got my first order.after order me he does not response me but i need to know something about his project.Now My delivery time is running but i could not tell him to setup time duration.what can i do know?


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You could always message the client in question and ask them to tell you about their project, remind them that the time is now active and you only have so much time to complete the order. If they fail to reply back and you still are unable to complete the order you can either cancel on mutual agreement letting them know why you cancelled or you can contact SEOClerks to find out what to do using this email

I hope that helps.

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I think you should have sorted things out with him at the initial stage and see how things go from there. I'm having that feeling that he/she might be busy with other things not to respond. So, give some time and see how things work out.

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If you have his email contact the best bet is to contact him,you're not a magician yo do what he or she needs and it not wise to lean on your own understanding because it might be what the person really wanted.So contact the buyer for clarity

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