Hootsuite vs MassPlanner - Who Wins?

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Hootsuite vs MassPlanner - Who Wins?

Recently I've been going through the Hootsuite vs MassPlanner battle because I'm trying to figure out exactly which I want to use. I'm sure there are a load of people here using at least one of these services and I'm here to iron out any confusion between the two for the newbies out there.

Now then, lets get started, shall we Hootsuite vs MassPlanner - Who Wins?

What do these two have in common?
Hootsuite and MassPlanner are both services that you pay a monthly fee to in order to automate and manage your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You pay a fee in order to use them each month, Hootsuite having a yearly fee and MassPlanner having a monthly fee which comes out to be around the same price as Hootsuite.

What's Hootsuite all about?
Hootsuite is a system that is built so you can automate and monitor all of your social media platforms. The more you pay for the service, the more profiles you can manage through their dashboard. For beginners running a single website you wouldn't need anything crazy, you might even be able to get away with just using their lowest priced plan and dominate your social media niche Hootsuite vs MassPlanner - Who Wins? The one thing I really love about HootSuite is that you can manage all of your social platforms from one dashboard using one login. After you set up your accounts within your dashboard you will be auto logged in when you log into Hootsuite, which is really nice. You can comment, respond, like, follow, etc. from within the Hootsuite dashboard making it extremely useful tool to reduce your work times.

What's MassPlanner all about?
MassPlanner was designed for anyone wanting to schedule posts to their social media platforms. I'm pretty sure that MassPlanner is not as advanced as Hootsuite, but that's not a huge problem since MassPlanner can hit all the major social media websites in order to be successful. It does look like MassPlanner does not allow you to comment, respond, like, follow, etc. with your social media networks, which is a big bummer. But the upside is that the price per month is lower than Hootsuite so it may be more suitable for people on a limited budget.

Which would you choose, Razzy?
Personally I would go with Hootsuite because of one feature alone, the feature that allows me to interact through all of my social media platforms through my dashboard. This is an amazing feature because I don't have to log into each platform to respond to a comment or follow a certain profile I like. With MassPlanner you can only schedule posts and not respond to anything. You can set it up to have canned responses, I think, but those can backfire pretty quick and make you look less professional.

In the end, I would go with Hootsuite if you have the budget for it. If you don't have the money, go with MassPlanner and manually log into your accounts via a smart phone to stay on top of all your posts.

Hopefully this helps someone out if they are on the fence between the two Hootsuite vs MassPlanner - Who Wins?

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I was going to try that Hootsuite the other week as was reading good reviews about it . May look into doing this as it would be great to manage all social networking in one place thankyou for sharing the post with us Glad you did has I forgot about this will go look into it right now actually.

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Yeah for me it's a no brainer. Hootsuite all day long. Mass planner is good if you're on budget but is a little more restricted in what you can do compared to Hootsuite. And those canned responses could potentially kill your business and earn you not much respect to say the least lol. Although I'm sure they can be useful in some scenarios but you'd probably have to get the responses just right else they could end up sounding completely irrelevant to what it is that's been said or asked and you could end up making your company look and sound like it doesn't actually listen.

I've had some experience with Hootsuite before as well but not Mass planner. I found Hootsuite very easy and fun to use and I liked how you could do all your research and engagement etc directly from within the Hootsuite dashboard which was cool and practical too! I don't use it that much myself other than when I was doing the ListingDock twitter account but I couldn't devote that much time to it sadly. But it was still a good crack! Hootsuite vs MassPlanner - Who Wins?

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I have only used Hootsuiit to be truthful. I think it good to me.I managed all my social media account dashboard and it report all activities on real-time too. So I will continue to use it.

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I have only experience with the hootesuite. I have tried both free and paid plans. Free plan is used for the people who want to make use of the simple automation. i used that for my personal posting. And the paid plans are used for the promotion on the clients side. So their account was managed by me. I have found out that massplanner has it's set of benefits and flaws. I guess my personal preference based on usage would be the hootesuite. That's what is working with me as well. Hopefully it can add more benefits there as well.

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