Instagram shuts down massplanner and has other services in it's cross hairs

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Instagram shuts down massplanner and has other services in it's cross hairs

Not too long ago Instagram shot down massplanner because it was a tool that built up an Instagram profile automatically. Instagram shut down massplanner because they are not huge fans of people abusing their service, and that's basically what massplanner did. It would increase your followers, like images, post images, etc. Basically it was a fully automated tool that would help you build up your profile. The really beauty of this was that you could build up multiple profiles at once if you could rotate proxies.

Instagram services
There are plenty of Instagram services out there that will help you build your profiles. Some of these services require you to share your login credentials while other would just focus on building your followers and like on your images. Now the ones that required you to share your logins were typically the ones that were doing your posting for you and trying to build your profiles "naturally". These ones were typically ran by massplanner or another service, which worked very well. Some users say that they had accounts with at least 100k followers and would get 5k likes on every image they posted. Now we can't know for sure how many of those likes were legitimate, but with 5k on a single image you were sure to get ranked in the top 12 images for a hashtag you had on the image Instagram shuts down massplanner and has other services in it This would bring in more traffic and likes naturally Instagram shuts down massplanner and has other services in it

Massive Banning
Instagram has already started pushing out mass bans that it can associate mass planner with. If you used massplanner on a profile or two, you're likely in the cross hairs of Instagram so I would do everything according to the rules and post manually for a while.

Instagram didn't purchase massplanner, they just got them to shut down. This is likely due to the Instagram lawyers hounding the owners of massplanner and finally sending a seize and desist letter or a lawsuit in order to get everything shut down.

There are a few alternatives like followerliker, but how long can we expect that to stay active? There's not guarantee that it won't be the next big service being targeted by Instagram so would you really be willing to spend your money on that kind of service again?

I'm sure there are a lot of alternatives out there that would work well, but there's no guarantee that your profile will be safe for long. Instagram is shutting down these websites almost every month it seems like, and if your account is linked to one of them somehow, you're just putting your own profile at risk. If you have multiple accounts linked together, you could lose all of them in one swipe.

In Conclusion:
You have to remember that Instagram is a business and if someone is abusing their system then they have every right to get rid of you. I'm sure there are a lot of butt hurt people out there because their 100k followers are now gone for good and the user had their accounts banned. Play it safe, post manually or use something like hootsuite to schedule your posts. If you do use software to automate everything, just play it safe and stay under the radar. It can be difficult to not use it to the max, but it's safer not to.

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Instagram seems to do exactly what Twitter did a couple of years ago.
If I remember correctly about 4 years ago you could buy 15k twitter followers with just 5 bucks. All this because registering a Twitter account was very easy and you didn't really need to do an email confirmation.
In time Twitter started to build walls implementing more and more security protocols for new users. Eventually killing most of its bots.

Instagram amazed me on how easy it can be to create an account. I'm pretty sure there are ridiculous amounts of bots on Instagram! I bought 4k Instagram followers 2 years ago just to test some seller's service and I still have at least 1.5k from that original 2k. This is huge! It means Instagram has taken very few steps to find and kill the fake accounts.

I'm sure they have the technology to ban all the fake accounts from the network, after all, we are talking about Facebook here, but overall I believe Instagram doesn't really want all the bots gone, at least for now. As Instagram becomes more and more popular and will be used by more and more people I'm sure they'll add some phone verification registration. But until then, we are still going to see a lot of "popular" users with tons of fake followers.

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I think automation was really hard with instagram. And it was never meant for the automation. And that's another reason I think there needs to be API that can help with posting on the instagram. And if we can make use of that it would be surely change the way we handle the client projects. I personally want some desktop tool that can automatically post to instagram.

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Thanks for making me aware of this. I previously had no clue that autoplanner could get you banned on Instagram. I'll be sure to steer clear from this program!

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We have created an Instagram account a few months ago for purposes of testing the network. It’s pretty good because we instantly got around 30 followers on the first day and until now we still get followers from time to time. But those followers are mostly our friends in Facebook. With Instagram, that mass planner is one good tool to gain numbers but I guess Instagram is correct in banning the use of such tools. For me, social media should be manual all the time.

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I have never really understood the point in dealing in masses of false accounts. False accounts don't buy products, spread news, or do anything real. The only benefit is to impress people who only care about how many followers you have, not whether your content is something that interests them. So I am glad this kind of thing is being shut down.

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