Building a Tier 1 Buffer site - It's not that difficult.

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Building a Tier 1 Buffer site - It's not that difficult.

A lot of us have heard of building tier 1 buffer sites, or parasites, in order to help build up our SEO campaign and then purchasing backlink packages to aim at these buffer sites. A lot of us also think that it takes weeks to build these types of websites because they think that they have to be super detailed, which isn't true.

You cannot control who links to you, so why do you have to worry about what the sites you're building look like? You Don't! You don't have to set up 100 websites with specific domains on their own hosting with their own C class IP address in order to have a good buffer site network. If you wanted a Private Blog Network, that's what you would be doing, but not for a buffer site set up.

Here's a little trick

Step 1: Create some blogs on wordpress, blogger, edublogs,, tumblr, weebly, livejournal, wix, etc.
You'll be targeting any company or platform that allows you to set up a free website and/or blog on their system. The price of this is, you guessed it, $0. The only thing it costs is time, or if you want to have your own domain so it doesn't look like but that's not a huge deal right now because we're setting up something to increase the SERPs, not to make you look fancy lol.

Step 2: Add content!
You'll need to add content to all of the free websites and blogs that you set up. Just having a basic page from aimed at your website won't do anything, you need to have content on there to be a contender.

Step 3: Here come more backlinks!
After you get a good amount of content on each of these buffer websites and blogs, you'll want to now backlink the pages of these sites. Target the pages of your buffers that have the backlink which is aimed at your website. This will increase the power of your tiered system and make you happier in the long run.

Step 4: More content
Keep adding content each month so that your websites and blogs are considered "Active". Over time you will notice that each of these becomes an "Authority" in your niche and you may even be able to sell them at a pretty nice profit Building a Tier 1 Buffer site - It

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat
No one was ever successful by setting something up and letting it pull in profits forever. You have competition and they might be doing the same thing. If they notice you have 10 buffer sites, they will make 12. So you need to keep this up every month, or pay a VA to do it for you.

You may lose some of your websites if they get a penalty. This is due to the platform provider wanting to get rid of any penalties that hard their own system. It's not likely to happen if you play it safe, but it's definitely a possibility if you go to hard.

Hopefully this opens your eyes on how inexpensive buffer sites really are Building a Tier 1 Buffer site - It

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Search engine have a topology to work on a system when anyone press a keyword or keyword phrase than search engine show the result by a system on the result page. Likeva title within 50 words, a description within 150 words and some keywords, some images and some keywords. When search engine bot started to work to findout search result from search engine database than basically searchvengine search the keyword within 150 words and with a do follow backlink method. For that reason if we create tier1 back link than we have to follow this topology and the lunk wheel will be every blog will be connected with the main website on keyword based.This will be call tier 1 backlink.


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I was thinking about this method of generating backlinks, however, I as dilly dallying because I did not know whether this profits or not. Now that you have mentioned this, I will go ahead and build websites in free website builders, build contents and point links to my primary sites.
Whether the backlink generated in this way will increase my position on SERP or not will be something I want to find out.

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Is that style of building a tier not considered a link farm? I have read lately that Facebook is deleting Facebook Pages that are directly connected to link farms which means we should now be careful of creating a link farm because it can be sanctioned not only by Google and other search engines but also by third party networks like Facebook and probably some other social media platform like Twitter.

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