My Last 5 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business Tutorial

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My Last 5 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business

Okay so yesterday I posted My 10 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business Properly. Although I only posted 5 in that post since we all like to get things in bite sized chunks! And here are the rest of my Holy Pinterest Commandments! After this, you should be a smarter, better, more successful Pinterest user! My Last 5 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business

My Last 5 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business

6. Thou Shalt Create And Curate
Pinterest is a place for sharing. And that doesn't mean only sharing your own things! Don't be a self promoter. Get on there and pin/repin other peoples pins! Even your competitors pins. Show off the life style that your brand or company represents by pinning and repinning those things that are related to your niche. Even if it's your competitors pins. They'll likely do the same for you anyway. The idea here is that you want to become the "go to" resource for ideas and pinspiration.

Whether it's original images you're pinning or you're repinning other images too. Most of the pins on Pinterest are just repins so you'll want to create your own fresh content and images that you can pin that others will repin. The best thing to do is to study and research what your competitors and others in your niche are doing. Those that are successful on Pinterest. Study them and learn their way my son and thou shalt find wisdom and success!

7. Promote Thyself Creatively
Think outside the square! Make use of Pinterest in both online and offline strategies. Promote and run contests or competitions on Pinterest. You could create boards specifically dedicated to competitions and contests and allow people to pin to it. And always make use of "Call to Actions" within your pin descriptions. Pins that have call to actions in them see a 40% increase in repins and activity. So why aren't you doing that?

8. Thou Shalt Consider Referral Traffic and SEO
Always pin original images fro your site/blog/store. That way you stand to be the only one on Pinterest with those images. But consider and think about what types of pins will bring people to your site and what you want them to take away or repin from your site too. You can make people stay on your site for longer by reviewing your content and landing pages so they have more reasons to stay on that page. Remember to set up your Pinterest profile properly too so that it gets noticed. Make sure to fill in all the fields, and add categories and keywords that have engaging captions in them. Make use of #hashtags and that all your pins have URLS in them to the original source.

9. Make Use of Thy Pinterest Goodies!
Pinterest goodies are basically Pinterest tools. You should make use of them on your site by making sure to add the "Pin it" button to your images (you can get a plugin for this. Search "Pinterest Hover button"). And if you have a smartphone, download and install the Pinterest App for it. This will let you really get stuck in and make it easier to pin/repin images, like/comment on images, follow people etc etc. And make use of Pinterest Management Tools like Pinerly, Pinpuff and Pinstamatic. These are all very useful tools for helping you build and grow your Pinterest profile and success on there.

10.Research and Measure Thy Pins
Using Pinterest Management tools, you can track recent activity for your followers, likes, comments and repins. This will give you some insight into what's working and what's not. Research is the key word here and you should research pins, boards and brand that are successful and then target your pins in a similar way. Also, check in on your Google Analytics from time to time to see how your traffic from Pinterest is doing. Look at the referral sources and keyword searches performed and then expand on this!

And that ladies and gentleman, completes my 10 holy Pinterest tips for using Pinterest properly as a business.

I hope you'll like them and find them useful. I am a bit of an authority on Pinterest so will post some more fun Pinteresting things later!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything said here.

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Cheers and to your success!



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Followed You on pinterest Im Play Free Retro Games Online. I also wrote a blog on how to gain more pinterest followers repins and likes. Some don't use pinterest I feel they should this is a great place and if used right you can gain mass traffic on your niche related topics.
Great guide by the way thumbs up. I have read through it and it will help many business owners and bloggers with pinterest.

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Thanks Moneybags! And for sure! By just taking small steps with it at first, just setting up an account and creating some boards (which can be fun doing) and then by just regularly pinning to them, it can lead to gaining a lot of traffic in time from Pinterest and I'd say Pinterest traffic is the best of all Social Media traffic too as they are all mostly shoppers on there! My Last 5 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business

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Yeah true , But also tumblr as a great source of traffic to not as much as pinterest but enough as every little helps right. Have you seen that guy on youtube he explains cool tips what actually work hes called Lazyass Stoner lol Yeah weird name but he explains in different videos like get mass traffic from reddit to tumblr and also pinterest. Killer niche tricks really good watch .

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Yeah I've seen him lol. I used to watch his videos but he hasn't made any in a very long time. I think he must have smoked himself into oblivion! Lol. And yeah Tumblr is always another great resource for traffic. It's not as a good quality traffic as Pinterest though. There's a lot of Emo's on Tumblr and I don't know many Emo's that own credit cards lol My Last 5 Holy Commandments for Using Pinterest For Business

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What I understand with create and curate is to read and share what you can. You need effort for that because you have to choose what you repin. I have heard of repinning blindly just to gain the quota for the day. Even if I am not well versed with Pinterest, I fully understand that such people are out for their own good only. Of course, it is better if we get and we also give as a rule of co-existence in anywhere.

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