How to get my first sale on Seoclerks?

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How to get my first sale on Seoclerks?

How to get my first sell on seo clerks. help me expert worker in seoclerks and admin please


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You'll need to be patient.

Get active within the discussions and you could potentially pull in some clients that way since there is a load of content there and people come in from the search engines through the discussion section. If they come in through the discussion section and see you spreading some high quality knowledge about a topic, they'll most likely be willing to purchase from you if the price is right.

Do you research properly, don't just think your service is worth $100 when someone sells a very similar service for $10. We all want to do the least amount of work with the most amount of profit, but that's not how a freelancer should think. Price your service(s) in a competitive way and you should soon get a sale or two.

Try to get a featured spot on the homepage or sections and your service will get seen more. The more your service is seen, the more likely you'll get a sale.

Hope that helps How to get my first sale on Seoclerks?

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Hello XsNiloy In This MarketPlace quality Is First priority.When Buyer Create a Post WTB,If you properly skilled Buyer Requerments,Then You Bid Simply. I Just Telling You one thing about My real Experience"Simple Is always Best".So keep Small but good Bid.If really You are best In Buyer WTB,You will Winner &Get First sell.Best Of Luck Your future

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Rashida Bagum

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Check out my post I made a while back on How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!? That has lots of great and useful tips in it that you can apply to becoming and being a bigger and better seller on here plus some other tips added in by other successful members you should find helpful and useful to you for this purpose.

And Andre's awesome FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero guide (a 5 part guide) is also very very revealing and helpful and you should be able to gleam quite a lot from that which will definitely put you in the right direction! How to get my first sale on Seoclerks?

Other than that, the trick is to be unique. Do something nobody else is doing or provide a service in a way that nobody else is providing it. The $1 trick is quite good too. That's where you put the price of your service for just $1 to get those initial sales rolling in. Then when you have a few positive reviews on your services you can then put the price back up a bit more. That's something a lot of people do on here to their good advantage.

And just remember to always provide people with an excellent customer service. Remain professional at all times. Be generous but don't stuff yourself! I've sometimes shot myself in my foot being more than generous and if you're too generous people expect that all the time.

And above all, as Razzy has pointed out, be patient! Stay positive. Positive things happen to ________ ________ ? How to get my first sale on Seoclerks?

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To get the first sell, it’s difficult but not impossible, so need have patient. I got my first sale after one month of being here.

This market is tough, dominated and a land of opportunity.

In terms of quality good description of yourself and the service you do and offer, all of this in short and simple with a decent profile picture, most buyers may not focus much onto these things, but first impression
is the last impression it will leave a mark.

Keeping in mind that the buyers the looking for the service they want at the cheapest price possible and since you’re concern with first sell, I assume you’re a level one user, so you cannot set the price below $5

So, improvise your gigs, offer perks, spread the word within your circle, Promote your service at the forum.

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Thanks OptimismSEO

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Many people don't understand the dynamics behind sale seoclerk.

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