Just finished setting Up my seoclerks wordpress theme

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Just finished setting Up my seoclerks wordpress theme

So I fully finished doing all the work on my wp theme seoclerks site . If any of you sellers want to help promote me I can have you featured on my page .
I love working with seoclerks and want to make sure it is very popular better then other sites with out mentioning names .
I already promote it daily on my own social exchange website.


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Oh nice! You got those internal pages instead of just linking directly to the service itself. It looks okay. Couple things I've noticed off the bat are that you have no About Us page and no Contact Us page. Those are essential pages to have if you want to have good rankings and trust by people. You should look into adding them to your site. Also, a blog page would be good, so you can add some real juicy, meaty, unique content to it. Also I see your share icons in the header only link to the actual sites and not your profiles on those sites. You should set them up and link to them from there.

I also saw that your services pages don't have a unique meta description. I'm guessing that's a limitation of that theme. It would be cool if you could add a unique meta description to each although that could be quite time consuming what with so many hundreds of services.

Still though, looks okay, just needs some more context, those pages and all you have to do now is promote, promote, promote! The good thing about SEOClerks is that you can find every service here your site needs to grow. From content writing to backlink building to SMM and more.

I have several SEOClerks affiliate sites. My main one which I've not had much time to do much with but have some plans for it. And some other one which the same can be said about that one as well.

I look forward to seeing yours around and bumping into it from time to time and wish you all the best with it! Just finished setting Up my seoclerks wordpress theme


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Hi there thanks for reply your doesn't seem to be loading I tried to take a look at it. Yeah I will add contact page and also about us page . I am also promoting it all over like on my own traffic and social exchange site as well as on social networking sites. I may also make a service on here offering members to get featured on my SEOClerks site. Do you find you get more traffic on your website mate.

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